ROS Autonomous Driving and Path Planning SLAM with ROS


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Robot is now part of daily life. To understand robotics process and robotics programming we have to use a robot framework which is ROS. In which we will be using XML as main language for building the robot .So if you are interested in learning the fast growing open source framework then this course is for you .–About this Course — This Course is for :1 – Who wants to understand SLAM and Path Planning 2 – Wants to learn how to build a robot in simulation from Scratch3 – who wants to Learn Gazebo and Rviz4 – Robotic Enthusiast wanting to simulate projects5 – Knows basic of ROS workingThis course contains all the concepts you need for simulating your real world robots.We will be working on theoretical portion of it first and then start moving towards practical implementation . You can think of the course as a intermediate course of robotics school. Where you get theoretical basis and then robotics laser sensors control through ROS packages .Although this course does not complete ALL robotics algorithms but you get the understanding of using the ROS framework ,its pre build packages and then you can easily make your own projects easy and simple :)After this course you will feel to have quite a lot grip on ROS simulation on gazebo and rviz then you will be able to simulate all real world projects you want to complete in a simulation before practicality implementingIf you are new to ROS I have some thing special for YOU !Here is a learning path so you get a streamlined information through my courses .1:Ultimate guide to Simulate and implement2: Mastering Mobile Robots3:Slam and autonomous driving with Custom Robot4:Understanding Math behind Robotic arm5:Build Robotic arm with gazebo6:Autonomous Drone7:Real Robot Using OpenCV8:Autonomous Driving and Path planning



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