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The Rowan tree is the Celtic ‘Tree of Life’. Rowan Trees or Mountain Ash as they are also known are said to protect from negative enchantment and in ancient times crosses made from the wood from Rowan trees were often hung over the entrance to homes. It was thought that a keeping a branch from the Rowan tree in the home on Good Friday would counteract any negative energies and ward off evil forces. In Scotland, berries from Rowan trees are still used to make wine and also jam which is traditionally eaten with game. Rowan trees are a pretty, small tree and suitable for most gardens. Rowan tree supplied is 20-60cm tall. (Depending on season). Rowan trees normally form multi stems and resemble shrubby trees. The Rowan tree is a small tree suitable for gardens, growing to a maximum size of 30ft (9m). The Rowan tree forms attractive white flowers, bright red berries and a delicate leaf form. Rowan trees are widely planted to decorate streets, schools and gardens. The wild Rowan tree is commonly associated with upland woodlands although it will thrive almost anywhere and provide an attractive edge tree for wildlife. In the past, the Rowan tree was often planted to protect farm cottages from witches. In fact, many Rowan trees can still be seen around farm yards! Berries from the Rowan tree can be made into jam or jelly, and are high in Vitamin C.



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