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A spectacle for entertaining, or a peaceful way to spend some quiet time after dark. Whichever way you choose, a cosy crackling fire brings a whole new dimension to the garden. This oxidised fire basket makes it easy to enjoy the simple pleasure of an open air fire, keeping logs safely contained and letting air circulate to keep the fire blazing. Made from heavy-duty laser cut steel with a rusted finish that will only look more authentic with age. Measurements: W60cm x D60cm x H45cm Weight 6.5kg Warning: For outdoor use only. Keep children and pets away from the firepit when lit. Always position away from buildings on a safe non-flammable surface. If using on a paved patio, place an additional protective paving stone made from solid natural stone or concrete at least 5cm thick. This will avoid possible discolouration and cracking of your patio, as some mock slabs made from resin or ceramic may be susceptible to heat damage. Only for use with logs. Never leave a lit fire unattended or move when lit. Allow to cool before emptying any ash.



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