Simply Paving Granite Paving Light Grey 600 x 600


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For contemporary minimalist style with maximum effect, Granite Paving is hard to beat. The colour, straight machine cut edges and textured top surface provide a dramatic backdrop to architectural type planting. While randomly laid setts are ideal for borders, driveways or larger patio areas, in either a traditional or contemporary setting. Each pack contains the following mix of sizes: 13 slabs of 900mm x 600mm 13 slabs of 600mm x 600mm 13 slabs of 600mm x 300mm 9 slabs of 300mm x 300mm For best performance it’s imperative that this product is laid textured/flamed side up. If this is not the case, product performance will be severely impaired Joint Width: 5mm Thickness: 18-23mm Country of origin: China



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Simply Paving


Simply Paving


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