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Send a Fig Tree gift and let them make their very own Fig Rolls! Our Brown Turkey Fig Tree produces gorgeous fruits that are great for deserts if you don’t eat them on the way from the tree to the kitchen! The Brown Turkey Fig is a hardy tree that grows well in our colder British climate. It is a deciduous tree and loses its leaves in the winter. The sweet fleshy fruit is actually the flower of the tree and is ready for picking in July-August. Figs are not frost hardy so ensure to protect the ends of the branches carrying next year’s crop. We recommend using fleece to protect the plant until after the last frost. * The edible fig is one of the first plants that were cultivated by humans. Figs and fig trees are mentioned in the Bible and the Qur’an * Figs are one of the highest plant sources of calcium and fibre * The leaves of the Fig are large and decorative * The Brown Turkey Fig tree is a deciduous tree that will grow to around 3m (10ft) * Tree supplied in a 5.5 Litre pot * Fig trees are approximately 30cm-40cm in height at time of delivery.



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