spring onion White Lisbon approx 800 seeds


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Position: full sun; Soil: fertile and well drained with a neutral to alkaline pH A superb bulbing spring onion that’s long been a firm favourite for reliability, with an excellent mild flavour that has just the right amount of bite. The tall, pure white skinned stems are quick to develop and very hardy, so you can start sowing early through till late autumn for delicious spring onions to pull right through the season. Spring onions make a great filler in between slow-growing veg like Brussels sprouts: sow into the gaps between plants to double your harvest from the same space. A heritage vaiety this variety was introduced before 1787; Growing Instructions: Make early sowings into shallow drills in a cold frame or under cloches: later in the season sow direct into the ground. There’s no need to thin: just remove cloches by mid-April and as they grow pull every other onion to allow those still in the ground to continue growing. naturally thin the crop during the season. Ideal for successional sowing for all Summer crop. As they are in the garden for such a short time, they can be grown in between slower growing vegetables; Sow: February-July; Harvest: May-October; Approximate quantity: 800 seeds.



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