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The Star Magnolia Tree is a wonder to behold in the garden and perfect to give to the ‘star’ in your life. Just like a star this snowy white tree will brighten up a garden, day and night for many years to come. The wonderful star shaped flower are set to be a great gift for any occasion Star Magnolia tree is fit for all walks of life, from the birth of a new baby, a special birthday, or even congratulating the star of your life on graduation, new home or new job. This Star Magnolia tree will bring joy to every occasion and any person, this stunning plant will grow into a statement of any garden. Young twigs have smooth, shiny chestnut brown bark, while the main trunks have smooth, silvery gray bark. The Star Magnolia will bloom in late winter to early spring producing bright white coloured flowers and occasional pink coloured magnolia. The Star Magnolia tree usually start to bloom at an early age, so expect great things from this plant. * The tree will arrive in a 21cm pot. * The Star Magnolia tree will be 50cm tall (incl pot) on arrival. * The Star Magnolia can grow to a height of 6-8 ft approx. * The Magnolia prefer to be in a protected area, as they can be subject to some damage by freezing weather. * The Star Magnolia will love a good layer of mulch around the roots. * Variety – Magnolia stellata.



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