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The Magnolia Susan Tree is a luscious addition to any small garden; a bushy upright shrub with a thin trunk and branches adorned with deep purple flowers. In early spring, the pink blossom emerges, shortly followed by gorgeous petals and large, mid-green leaves. Since the petals of the Susan Magnolia Tree arrive so early, be sure to protect them from late winter frost. Simply place it in a sunny, sheltered spot and the tree will endure the winter months with grace. When you order our Susan Magnolia, one is handpicked from our nursery and placed into our bespoke packaging, ready for safe transit and elegant display. Ideal for congratulations, birthdays, and anniversaries, or for a special someone called Susan. * An amusing gift idea for a lady called Susan * Arrives gift wrapped in 21cm pot at a height of 50cm * Suitable for small to medium sized gardens, growing to a height of 4m (13ft) * Place in a sunny, sheltered spot with well drained soil * Pink blossom appears in early spring * By mid-spring, the petals emerge fully * Protect the petals from spring frost



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