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The Tomato Tube offers simple, inexpensive, organic crop protection for tomato plants grown outside the greenhouse. Unseasonal weather can cause havoc with outdoor tomato crops. Too much rain, too little sunshine, harsh winds, plummeting temperatures…the great British summer is not always ideal for a bumper crop of tomatoes! However, pop over a length of Tomato Tube and protect the plant from all of the above as well as fruit pinching pests. The Tomato Tube also boosts ripening, great for late season toms. Tomato Tubes come as a 3 Pack of 2m lengths. Once over the plant it can be supported in the pot with canes and tied off at the top and bottom with the tie wires included in the pack. Small aeration holes prevent overheating. Organic pest and weather protection sleeve Tubes of lightweight polythene that can be supported with canes Retains warmth and moisture Boosts ripening Protects from pests Aeration holes to prevent overheating Tie wires included



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