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*Please allow up to 5 working days for delivery The versatile Trio of Willow Wands Gift can be planted as a ‘living sculpture’ in your garden. The stem height is fixed with only the crown being allowed to develop. This is trimmed to any desired shape and size, as per topiary. The crown of The Willow Wand will quickly grow and fill out during the first season. Plant it, water it, watch it grow, and in as little as 6 weeks the decorative stem will magically grow a beautiful topiary crown. Over the first few seasons grafts together into a single trunk, retaining its stunning woven effect. Simply trim the crown to any desired shape; perfect to plant as a trio. Each one of the 3 willow wands is hand crafted in the UK from 9 living willow stems which are expertly selected by our master weavers and woven by hand with great accuracy and skill into a visually stunning, symmetrical ‘Wand’. * Choose your size from the drop-down * This pack contains 3 wands * Medium height: 73cm * Large height: 98cm * Plant as a stunning living sculpture in the garden * The wands arrive ready to be planted into the ground or into containers* *The willow wands are supplied as a hardwood stick cutting. Planting is required within 3 days from delivery.



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