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The Twisted Bay Tree will provide a beautiful array for the senses all year round. The stunning beauty of the twisted stem with the aroma of the delicate leaves would add a splash of the Mediterranean to any home. The perfect gift that will amaze and dazzle in a very unusual way. When it comes to a personal gift you really don’t need to look much further. The Twisted Bay Tree is a real gift that will be treasured by all. The smell and texture of this truly amazing gift would be ideal for a real Foodie, someone who enjoys the finer things in life or just to add a splash of the Mediterranean. The twisted stem gracefully heads skyward with a beautifully full bush on top. The aroma and elegance of this gift with flashing green foliage will provide a focal point to any space providing enjoyment and pleasure all year round. * The Corkscrew Bay is a Laurus nobilis * Corkscrew Bay arrives at a height of approx. 50-55cm and in a 2.5L pot * Corkscrew Bay has a head of 25-30cm * Corkscrew Bay will have a corkscrew stem * The Corkscrew Bay is ideal for patios, doorsteps or balconies * Corkscrew Bay is hardy, yet will need some winter protection in cold temperatures and frost



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