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Our Twisted Olive Tree Gift is an ancient Greek symbol of peace and friendship. Its twisted trunk and neat foliage are ornamental features that are wholly Mediterranean, bringing style and tranquillity to any garden, patio, or driveway. Our olive trees are stand out gifts for housewarmings, birthdays, and celebrations. Silver-green, evergreen leaves stand neatly on a twisted trunk for a stunning year-round appearance. Scented, white flowers arrive in spring and entice butterflies, birds, and bees to the garden. In autumn, the olives change from green to purple, showing they are ripe and ready to be picked and cured. This gift is a joy to give to friends and family who loved Mediterranean cuisine. Our olive trees are the Olea europaea variety which is hardy in UK climates and easy to care for. When you order one of our Twisted Olive Trees, one is carefully picked and beautifully gift-wrapped for swift delivery. Our Twisted Stem Olive Tree Gift () is a bigger twisted olive perfect for large gardens and patios. * Evergreen Twisted Olive Tree (leaves all year round) * Olea europaea variety * Arrives with a height of 50-55cm (1.8ft) in a (4.5L) pot * Thrives in full sun and a south-facing position * Suitable for potted and planted growth * Olives ripen in autumn and can be cured or used for oil * Popular gift for birthdays, celebrations, or culinary friends and family



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