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The Ultimate Gift to send this year, this Lemon Tree is the biggest and the best that you will find anywhere. Lemon Trees are a Mediterranean delight that will smell stunning and create a real aroma around the house. The Lemon Tree Gift will make a real statement and look beautiful in its new home. The Lemon Tree Gift is the perfect gift to send all year around, there is no occasion this is not perfect for. The Lemon Tree is ideal for all those food lovers out there would love to get creative. There are many Lemon Trees for sale, but there is only one Ultimate Lemon Tree Gift. The Ultimate Lemon Tree Gift is an evergreen tree so it will look amazing all year around. The little white flowers smell stunning and will then produce the gorgeous Lemons up to 4 times a year. Why send anything else this year, make the ultimate statement now! * The Ultimate Lemon is a Citrus x limon * The Lemon Tree Gift will arrive in an 80L pot * The Lemon Tree will arrive at a height of 1.45m (145cm/57in) * This Lemon Tree Gift is fruit bearing * The Ultimate Lemon Tree Gift is to be kept indoors * Ideal for Conservatories.



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