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Westland Growmore is an excellent multi-purpose organic plant food which can be used all around the garden. It boosts fruit and vegetable crops and feeds shrubs and borders. A perfectly balanced feed for use with many crops that can be used as a base or top dressing and also helps to build soil fertility.From February to the end of October apply during dry weather and work into the soil with a fork watering before and after planting. Balanced nutrients for healthy gardens Includes measuring scoop Nutrient content NPK 7-7-7Weight: 10kg tubWhere and how to use: Vegetables – Before planting Apply 135g/sq.m as a base dressing to the soil and work in well. Vegetables – Established plants Apply 70g/sq.m as a top dressing and work in well. Potatoes Apply 210g/sq.m as a base dressing before planting. Fruit trees shrubs and borders Apply 135g/sq.m around the base of established plants. Gently fork into the soil surface without disturbing the roots. Alternatively sprinkle over the soil surface around the stem of the plant and water in well. When planting out scatter 135g/sq.m into the bottom of a planting hole and mix well with soil and compost when refilling the hole. Flowers Apply 70g/sq.m to the soil surface and lightly fork in. Take care the granules do not touch the plant leaves or stem. Water in well after application.



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