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The Wildlife World Igloo Hedgehog Home offers hedgehogs and other mammals a safe retreat from the many hazards of modern life such as garden strimmers forks and tools pets and other predators such as badgers and foxes. This habitat is much safer than the compost heap or bonfire where hedgehogs are in danger from garden tools or the being burnt. The round painted steel frame has a water-proofed roof which is covered with a brush wood finish decorated with contrasting bands. Steel frame. Ideal shelter for hedgehogs that can even be used for hibernation.The igloo is spacious and can accommodate family groups such as mother and hoglets. The small entrance tunnel is designed to deter predators such badgers and dogs. The Igloo is predominately designed for shelter but may be used for hibernation if additional brushwood cover is provided over the igloo in winter.Dimensions: W59 x D53 x H22cm Opening: 13 x 13cmSiting: Locate the Igloo within cover out of the prevailing wind. Pile leaves or foliage around the house to further camouflage it. Place short lengths of dry grass or leaves inside as nesting material. If boisterous dogs or badgers are in the area the igloo and may be anchored down for extra security.



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