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Inspired by the architect Edwin Lutyens this Wildlife World Lutyens Swing Seat Feeder is perfect for feeding small bird species such as robins great tits blue tits who are small and agile and able to land lightly on seat arms or back rest. The swinging style and hanging ropes act as a deterrent to larger birds such as pigeons so the little birds can feed in peace.Features: Made from FSC certified timber Removable and washable feeding tray Ideal for smaller bird species Suitable for a range of feed types such as seeds nuts mealworms or scrapsMaintenance:Clean and disinfect the feed tray regularly to prevent disease and dry thoroughly before re-use. When left outside the colour of the swing seat will naturally fade to silver grey. To preserve the appearance the swing seat may be treated with an exterior water-based varnish.Dimensions: W24.5 x D14.5 x H17cmWeight: 0.41kg



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