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Our Wollemi Pine Tree is distinct in both appearance and history, making this a gift that stands out. This Jurassic aged tree was discovered in Australia in 1994 with the species critically endangered. The Wollemi Pine Tree has dark, bumpy bark and exquisite, needle leaves. During the colder months, the Wollemi Pine becomes dormant and the buds take on a striking appearance – a white, waxy coating with ruby coloured edges. In spring, the coating disappears and new growth bursts through. Wollemi Pines are naturally multi-stemmed but our nurseries prune them to a single stem to give an overall uniform shape. After some years, the Wollemi Pine produces long or round cones depending on whether it is male or female respectively. By planting just one Wollemi Pine, you can offset 2% of our carbon footprint and help preserve the species. Our Wollemi Pine Trees are delivered gift-wrapped and in our purpose-made packaging, certainly making for a unique and unusual gift for many occasions. * Dark, bumpy bark and needle leaves * Critically endangered * Can offset 2% of your carbon footprint * Pruned to a single-stem at our nurseries * Produces round or long cones depending on the sex of the tree * Delivered in a gift-wrapped 19cm (3L) pot * Arrives with a height of 30cm to 1ft



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