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Scented Blossoms & Year-Round Green Zimmerman Cherry Laurel! Creamy-White Blooms Clusters of Flower Spikes Cup-Shaped Flowers & Long Stamen Showy & Very Fragrant Late Spring Bloom Time Pollinators Galore Dark-Green Glossy Foliage Mid-Summer Blac

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Scented Blossoms & Year-Round Green Zimmerman Cherry Laurel!Creamy-White Blooms
Clusters of Flower Spikes
Cup-Shaped Flowers & Long Stamen
Showy & Very Fragrant
Late Spring Bloom Time
Pollinators Galore
Dark-Green Glossy Foliage
Mid-Summer Black Fruit for Birds
Small Sized Ornamental
Low Hedge & Definition
Full Sun & Part Shade
Salt Tolerant & Adaptable
Container & Planter Sized
Tried & True Deer Resistant Shrub!
A fantastic ornamental broadleaf evergreen, the Zimmerman Cherry Laurel (Prunus laurocerasus ‘Zimmerman’) boasts glossy leaves in dark green. Holding its color year-round, you’ll have garden greenery throughout the 4 seasons! Plus you’ll enjoy sprays of lovely white flower spikes, with long stamen that appear as sparklers set ablaze!
The dark-green leaves hold their color all year and form a dense, rounded shrub that requires very little care to maintain its size and shape. Reaching 18 inches to 2 feet tall, they spread a bit more to two feet wide or more, these are slower growing shrubs so they won’t outgrow where they’re planted and become leggy.
The early spring show of blooms are very fragrant and calls pollinators galore to your landscape! Each cup-shaped creamy-white blossom has long stamen and look like little sparks flying!
Not named Cherry Laurel for no reason, you’ll see black fruit form in mid-summer that your local songbirds feast on! Humans shouldn’t sample the bitter fruit however, it’s best left for your feathered friends.
How to Use Zimmerman Cherry Laurel In The LandscapeA wonderful low hedge with year-round greenery, line your driveway or pathways with this smaller shrub for formal and informal definition and clean lines!
Plant as an accent or specimen plant throughout your garden beds to anchor or provide four-season backdrops to set your other perennials and shrubs against! Plant one a row or group them on a berm as a focal point, or pot one up in your favorite urn to have a year-round statement piece.
A row against a rock wall or lining your shed, garage or shaded side of your home’s foundation add greenery that lasts throughout the year.
Dress up trees, or larger or older shrubs with a skirting of facer Cherry Laurel to hide their bare stems, or anchor the corners of a gazebo or garden arbor with steady dark green. The color provides depth to show off your spring, summer and fall plants, as well as defiantly standing out against the dreary winter landscape.
English Laurel creates lovely low privacy, better yet, plant in large containers and planters around your seating areas and patio where the flower’s fragrance can enchant you and the evergreen leaves surround you in seclusion.
Evergreen shrubs are fantastic in rows and en masse on those tough to mow slopes, on top of retaining walls or along your home’s foundation for major curb appeal! A pair marking the start of a pathway or greeting visitors to your front entry will look like a formal welcoming committee!
The sweet-smelling white flowers are perfect among your mixed shrub borders, among pollinator gardens or interspersed among Perennial and Rose garden beds! Anchor Cottage gardens or highlight one among your Rock garden where it will appreciate the well-drained soil.
This shrub grows about anywhere and is adaptable to urban conditions and some salt. Plant along your garden’s ‘hell strip’ for year-round property definition.
#ProPlantTips For CarePlant Cherry Laurel in full sun when planted in the cooler climates of USDA growing zones 5-9, Laurel also tolerates partial shade. Plant in part sun or afternoon shade in warmer hardiness zones.
Preferring moist, rich soil, be sure to plant in a site that has well-drained soil, which is essential. Add Nature Hills Root Booster while planting for a life-long symbiotic relationship with the tiny feeder roots
Preferring moderate, but consistent moisture throughout the growing season. A generous layer of mulch over the root system helps retain soil moisture and moisture consistency as well as insulate the root system from heat and chill.
Prune if needed after flowering for shaping, and provide renewal pruning when dormant in late winter. You wouldn’t want to take a chance and inadvertently cut off next year’s flush of flowers!
Deer won’t bother this shrub, Cherry Laurel are very low on their menu, so the only one enjoying this plant will be you!
Order your own year-round beautiful ornamental evergreen from NatureHills.com and own fill your spaces with the Zimmerman Cherry Laurel today for lush, green tomorrows!



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