Zuzu® Dwarf Flowering Cherry


Space-Saving Zuzu® Dwarf Flowering Cherry Absolutely Stunning Showy Flowers In Spring Extravagant Double Pink Flowers Each Lavish Flower Features Dozens of Petals Butterfly Magnet Columnar Form Fits Anywhere Perfect for Small Space Gardens Us

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Space-Saving Zuzu® Dwarf Flowering CherryAbsolutely Stunning
Showy Flowers In Spring
Extravagant Double Pink Flowers
Each Lavish Flower Features Dozens of Petals
Butterfly Magnet
Columnar Form Fits Anywhere
Perfect for Small Space Gardens
Useful Compact, Shrubby Form
Coppery-Orange New Growth
Deep Green Foliage Matures to Bronze-Red in Fall
Easily Grown in Containers
Full Sun To Partial Shade
Disease Resistant
One of the most beautiful landscape plants has to be the Flowering Cherry. But…what can you do if you have limited landscape space, or rent your home?
Even plant fanatics with yards that are full-to-bursting can squeeze the slender Zuzu® Dwarf Flowering Cherry (Prunus incisa ‘Rinpo’) into place. Why miss out on the heart-catching spring blooms?
Zuzu® is an ornamental, columnar Flowering Cherry that is sized just right for modern lots. Dense branching structure gives it a lush, full look all year.
The flower power starts in spring. You’ll be simply astonished by the unforgettable, brilliant masses of pink double flowers.
Decorate even the smallest space with these high-performance, ornamental shrubby Cherries. Amaze your guests, and attract the beauty and grace of butterflies at the same time.
This delightful choice gives you the look of our treasured Washington Tidal Basin with its endless line of century-old Cherry bursting into bloom each spring. But you can easily grow them in containers on your balcony.
Appreciate their warm, coppery new foliage that emerges the first moment your plant wakes up in spring. Each branch will have a luxuriant display of those gorgeous pink powderpuff blooms.
Use them as elegant cut flower arrangements. Or leave them as a nectar resource for beneficial pollinators. (Order more than one, so you can do both!)
As the season progresses, you can take full advantage of Zuzu® as a dark green privacy screen. Just wait for the lovely fall color display, when the foliage turns a beautiful bronze-red.
Even after the leaves drop, your views will be shielded with help from the lush branch structure. Let Zuzu pull double-duty for you, your family and friends.
Never feel left out of the outstanding flower display. Snap up your “right-sized” Zuzu® Dwarf Flowering Cherry from us today!
How to Use Zuzu® Dwarf Flowering Cherry in the LandscapeThis plant makes it so easy to add season-long color to your balcony, while hiding unfortunate modern views. Use several of them as an exceptionally pretty screen.
For container-grown plants, select a pot at least 24-inches in diameter. Resin works beautifully, or splurge on a high-end glazed selection.
Ensure your pot has plenty of drainage holes. Elevate the pot on bricks, or clay pot feet.
Draw eyes to your commercial property with a pair flanking either side of your front doorway. Heads will definitely turn to see these springtime beauties.
In a residential setting, they’ll look incredible anywhere that gets at least four hours of sunlight. Repeat them along the back of your perennial gardens as an exciting backdrop.
Try them behind a special piece of garden art. You’ll effortlessly amplify the effect of this unique feature.
A hedgerow planted behind your patio seating area adds structure, color and grows into an effective screen. For a close planting where the canopies touch, plant them two feet apart on center, measuring from the center of one to the center of the next.
Underplant them with other spring-flowering bulbs like pastel-colored Tulips and Daffodils. We have such an extensive catalog of spring-blooming plants to help you celebrate this special time of year.
Decorate the corners of an outdoor pavilion or gazebo to make the most of a terrific showing of Zuzu. The fastigiate branching lends a formal look to your flower garden.
#ProPlantTips for CareGrow your Zuzu in either full sun or partial shade. They will need well-drained soil that sheds water quickly.
Support the performance with an easy addition of Nature Hills Root Booster to your backfill soil while planting. Mycorrhizal fungus, and other proven ingredients support the tiny feeder roots ability to access micronutrients over the entire lifespan of your plant.
Apply a medium amount of water regularly, especially when the plant is young. If you live in a dry climate, they’ll do best with afternoon shade.
Add a three-inch layer of mulch to keep the root system cool and moist. Pull mulch back from directly touching the trunk.
If you want to prune to shape, or hold it to a smaller size, wait until the flowers are done. Prune right after the flowering is finished for the season, as they produce blooms on old wood.
Please move quickly if you see Zuzu® Dwarf Flowering Cherry in stock on our site. As you might imagine, garden designers are hunting for this special Proven Winners® variety for use in their clients landscapes.
Don’t miss out on your spectacular spring show!



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