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Done For You Garden Planning Service

Small-gardenIf you would prefer to have us design your garden for you then we also offer a postal design service. It’s at a reduced price from our in person design service that we do over at ORIGIN garden design because you’ll be the one with the tape measure (unless you happen to have a scale plan to hand) and we save time not traveling.

We can design any size, shape or style of garden to suit your tastes and property style. We are based in the UK but our services are available internationally. We’ve designed gardens in the USA & Europe and would love to do more.


What’s Included

You’ll receive one black & white scale plan which a landscape professional will be able to work from as well as a smaller colour plan. We find that seeing the design in colour with some pictorial sketches really helps our clients to get a feel for how the finished garden will look.

What’s Not Included

The planting scheme – we can do this at an extra cost and can quote once we’ve done the design and know how big the planting borders will be. As a guide a planting plan is usually half to three-quarters the cost of a design.

Construction detail. Again this is something we can do as an extra but a good landscape professional will not need construction details as they already know (or should know) how deep the footings for a patio need to be etc. But if you are building the garden yourself, then it’s a good idea to get these. You can always get them done at a later date if you’re not sure at this stage if you need them or not.Garden-Plan2

How it Works

Send us an email with approximate dimensions of your garden and a photo and we’ll send you a quote. Once you’ve accepted the quote, payment is upfront via Paypal. Then we’ll send you a questionnaire to fill in so you can list everything you’d like in your new garden as well as tell us what you dislike about your current garden. Robert or Rachel will then contact you by phone or Skype to discuss your garden in a little more detail. Then we’ll work on a rough concept – email it to you to see what you think and then once we have your feedback we’ll get the final drawings done and in the post to you.

How Much Does it Cost?

Price will vary depending on the complexity of the design but as a guide small gardens are £495 and medium sized gardens are £675. Large garden TBA. Postage in the UK is included. Postage outside the UK will be extra and costs will depend on the shipping method you choose. Or we can just email the final plans to you instead.

How Long Does it Take?

We aim to get plans done in 2-3 weeks but during peak times (Spring & Autumn) please allow 4-5 weeks. We are happy to design gardens for overseas clients as well as UK based.

Who Does the Design?

Rachel works with head designer Robert Petrow on the designs. Rachel has been designing gardens for the last 20 years. Robert’s background and experience is outlined in the box below:

Robert trained in Horticulture at Merrist Wood and worked as a craftsman before studying Landscape Architecture at Greenwich University. He is a qualified Landscape Architect with over twenty years experience in designing gardens and commercial projects. Robert is a mentor for the Landscape Institute and has lectured on landscape design at Kingston and Middlesex University.

As an experienced designer Robert is comfortable working on both large scale schemes as well as small courtyard gardens and has a keen eye for detail. Robert has created more than 1000 real projects and has been involved in all aspects of garden and landscape design including horticulture, arboriculture, planting design and project management.

Is there a Downside to a Postal Design Service?

The main downside is that you are the one that has to survey the garden and provide us with a scale plan to work from. It is critical that the outline plan that you provide us with is accurate. If it’s not, when you come to build the garden, things will need to get altered accordingly and you may not like the results. In a good design everything interlinks with everything else so if one thing gets adjusted it affects EVERYTHING else and this can ruin the end result and add additional costs.

The good news is with most property purchases you will receive a tiny scale plan of your plot, which as long as it is to scale, we can enlarge and work from. You will still need to take some measurements of your boundary to double check the plan. We’ll also need to know the position of doors and windows on your house so we can line up key features with the views you look out to most.

How to Measure Your Garden Correctly

Don’t worry if measuring isn’t something you know anything about – there are 2 free video tutorials on how to measure your garden. These should be enough to help you for most gardens. If you have a more complicated garden with level changes or a really awkward shape then it would be a good idea to get the garden survey course, it’s a really low cost and will guide you step-by-step on everything you need to know to create a scale plan of your garden.

What to Do Next

Send us an email with a brief description of what you’d like done, photographs and approximate size of your garden and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

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