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Learn the Secret Design Formula that Will Make Your Garden Look Larger & More Interesting…


SmallGarden2Small gardens can look stunning with the right landscaping. There are many simple tricks you can use to make a small garden look and feel larger, more interesting and even exciting!

Even if your garden is exceptionally tiny, it’s possible to totally transform it into a stunning space.

How do you do that? Well, the trick is to get the design shape and landscaping materials correct to utilise the available space you have in the best possible way.

If you’re like most people, chances are you’ve focused most of your efforts on choosing the plants and features you like rather than on getting the useable spaces the right shape. Whilst that is the logical thing to do, it doesn’t create good results. Here’s why…

The Key to Creating a Great Looking Small Garden

Unless you shape your lawn/patio or deck area correctly and use the landscape materials in the right way, your garden will look smaller, disjointed and unattractive, no matter how many nice plants and features you add. If the underlying shapes are not right, the garden can NEVER look as good as you want it to.LONGsmallGarden

Also, every garden, no matter how small, has to have a design structure that works with its individual shape. So, for example, if you have a narrow garden, it needs different design shapes to a square or wide garden. Makes sense, doesn’t it? But which design shapes should you use for your garden? 

There’s a Formula for Designing Small Gardens

To answer that question I’ve created a really simple formula that you can use in any shape or style of garden, no matter how small, that will enable you to quickly and easily transform your small garden into the garden you’ve always wanted. Before we get to the design formula, let me tell you a bit about who I am and how the formula came about.

I’m Rachel Mathews and I’ve been an international garden designer for the last 20 years, and in that time I’ve designed hundreds of small gardens in every shape and style imaginable. But when I first started my career I found designing gardens quite a struggle, even after all the professional training and reading book after book on landscape design. 

Designing Can be Problematic Though…

The problem is every garden and every person are different. What works in one garden for one person’s needs doesn’t work in the next. One garden might be crammed full of plants with level changes, and the next have nothing but a lawn and washing line. The design principles we were taught at college and you read about in books are hard to apply when every situation is so different. So there was only one thing for it… I developed my own special formula. One that would work no matter what obstacles were in the garden.

I noticed over my years of struggling to design different gardens that there were patterns; some things that ALWAYS worked in certain sized and shaped gardens. I also discovered that if you start the design process in a certain way, it makes it really easy to design any garden, no matter what is already there now.

A Simple Solution…

It’s this simple design formula that I now teach in online garden design courses. In the Small Garden Design Formula I will show you a really simple step-by-step process you to use to transform your garden. You’ll learn:

  • How to make any small garden look and feel larger
  • How to design a long or narrow garden
  • How to successfully design a short or wide garden
  • How to design a square or awkward shapde garden
  • How to add the ‘WOW’ factor to your garden
  • How to tackle changes in level as well as create them in flat gardens
  • How to choose the right landscape materials
  • How to mix paving materials & create feature segments
  • How to position focal points and features effectively

The methods I teach are simple and easy to understand and implement, even if you are a complete novice when it comes to garden design. You won’t find these methods in other garden design books and courses. I will show you how to transform a small garden into a lovely, exciting garden you’ll want to spend time in. The average garden can and should be so much more than average. With the right know-how applied in the right order, you’ll easily be able to improve your current garden.

Included with the Small Garden Design Formula is the ‘How to Survey Your Garden’ mini-course which alone sells for £24.95 and this shows you how to measure your garden and draw it to scale. Having a scale plan to work from is vital to success, even in very small gardens. The course walks you through the entire process step-by-step with easy to follow instructions, cheat sheets and video tutorials.

If you’d like to learn the simple techniques you can use in your own garden, then the Small Garden Design Formula is ideal to guide you step-by-step through everything you need to know.

Watch This Short Video to Learn More About the Small Garden Design Formula

Click on the video above to watch

The course is completely online and you’ll be able to download all the course contents immediately after purchase. Please note: this is a written step-by-step guide with video tutorials not design software.

Download now for £64 GBP 

Or in USD ($97)

  • In the Small Garden Design Formula I will demonstrate how to design a garden for any style and shape garden.
  • You don’t need any artistic ability whatsoever! Just follow the formula for your garden shape.
  • The course can be completed over a weekend.
  • It’s also iPad and Android tablet compatible so you can learn anywhere, anytime!
  • The course will save you a fortune on not buying the wrong things for your garden – plants really aren’t the answer.

Included in the Small Garden Formula is:

  • Fully Illustrated Colour, Downloadable 97 Page eBook
  • 4 Video Tutorials
  • Garden Ideas Photo Gallery Including Plans
  • Garden Survey Mini-Course worth £24.95
  • Online Support if you have a question 

 Download now for £64 GBP 

Or in USD ($97)

 Small Garden Design Formula – Customer Feedback

“Hi Rachel, I must say, ever since I saw your videos  and your presentations online, I know instantly Successful garden design was the course for me. Many books I’ve read and I have never, even online,” landscaping” have not truly explain the surveyor aspect or even the design process in great detail. Farther more, you have explain some stuff to us that a five year old child would have understand and copy your pattern.Thank you.” Corrie – Trinidad

“I have found everything helpful and clear. I have found that it is helping me to think outside of the square and seeing your finished gardens as examples are a big help too. I have mentioned it [Small Garden Design Formula] to several friends.”



There’s no waiting for the postman, the Small Garden Formula is 100% online with instant access after purchasing.



  1. Hi Rachel,

    Thank you for sharing these informations, it’s really helpful.
    You make it sound easy, I started to draw on the paper but found it very overwhelming!

    I don’t know how to continue, my garden is the wide garden type, I did not see many suggestion for this type of gardens as you did for other types.

    I wonder if you can help me, I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you

    • Hi Tarab,

      When you first start to draw on paper, don’t think of it as your garden, see it as an exercise, a test run. It will help take the pressure off. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed when you worry about getting it right as it’s your garden.

      The main thing with any garden, regardless of the shape is how you arrange the space. To begin with you need to decide how much to divide it up – see the cheat sheet on page 96. Then draw your basic shapes in each section as shown in the formula.

      If you are finding it difficult, you can also try turning your plan around so that you are looking at it length ways. I find it can really help when you get stuck, just to view the garden from a different perspective. Also take a look at all the gardens in the long garden section and then turn those plans around – you’ll see that they also work as ‘wide’ gardens. The principles are the same really. Particularly look at the plan on page 36 as that garden was viewed both length and width ways.

      Tarab – can you do me a favour pls – next time you log into the members area, could you ask this question there and then I will move my reply there so that other people see it as not many people visit this page of the website once they’ve purchased the course.



  2. Terence O'Reilly says:

    Hi Rachel, Many thanks for producing The Small Garden Design Formula. This is one of the best Garden Design Programmes I have come across. You set out all the design elements in a clear, logical and easily understood manner. You are obviously a professional designer and enjoy your work and also enjoy sharing your expertise. The course has exceeded my expectations and provided all the knowledge necessary for me to design my garden. The descriptive text works hand in hand with the videos and I have no hesitation in recommending this course to my gardening friends. In fact, anyone who has a garden would benefit from knowledge contained in this course. Please keep up the good work and your regular Case Studies.
    Thanks once again and Best Regards
    Terence O’Reilly

    • Hi Terence,

      Thank you so much, that’s lovely to read! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the course. Thank you for taking the time to leave some feedback – much appreciated! 😀

      Best wishes


  3. Hi Rachel
    I have started to try to make a plan and still in the process of measureing the garden which is a very strange shape. Will share my findings as I move through the process. Looking forward to the design section and will photograph the progress. It's a building project initially as we were flooded and need a sump and pump installed before we can start the landscaping.

  4. Hi Roz,
    Thank you for telling us a a litte about your garden. Good luck with your garden project and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us 🙂

  5. Ana Robles says:

    Let me summarize here my feedback after taking the Small Garden Design course.
    Thanks to you I feel brave to face a garden design challange, or at least try, but with confident that I will khow how to start with and what I should consider.
    I think this small Garden Design course is first step on your Objective to demisty garden design and landscaping.
    It is a long road but at least you have a vehicle to drive it and confident that you will arrive to your destiny.
    Thanks for putting all your years of experience in such a clear and precise form.
    Thanks also to Amy on guiding through top garden designers’ideas, really inspiring.
    And to Lana for its support when required.

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