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If you are new to the blog and want to read the most useful garden design posts, then these posts are a good starting point. Enjoy!

No matter what you’re here for, read this first, then choose from the topics below:


Garden Design – The key to creating a great looking garden

Click on the links below to for a quick start guide to designing your garden.

Attend one of our free online fast track garden design class – this will give you a great understanding of what you need to know to create a gorgeous garden

Small Garden Design – Transform even the smallest space into a beautiful garden


Click on the links below for top tips on how to make any small space garden look stunning as well as larger.

Big Ideas For Tiny Gardens – Part 1

Big Ideas For Tiny Roof Gardens – Part 2

How to Design a Courtyard Garden – Video Tutorial


Plant Design – How to Make Plants Look Good Together

Click on the links below to read some quick tips on successfully combining plants to create stunning planting schemes.

How to Choose the Right Plants for Your Garden

What Makes a Great Planting Scheme



Deck Design

Click on the links below to discover the best decking materials to use as well as learn some top tips on deck design.

Deck Ideas for Your Garden

Deck Design Tips


Patio-design1Patio Design

Click on the links below for tips and ideas on designing the perfect patio for your property.

Which is Best, a Patio or Deck?

How to Plan the Perfect Patio



Garden Surveying – an essential part of the design process

If you want to do a great job with planning your garden, click on the links below to find out how to get your garden onto paper accurately. Good design interlinks, so it’s vital you work from a scale plan in order for the design to fit when you come to build the garden. Don’t worry, working to scale isn’t anywhere near as scary as it might sound. The videos will show you exactly what to do.

How to Measure Your Garden Correctly – Video Tutorial

How to Draw a Scale Plan – Video Tutorial



Choosing Plants – ‘Plant Whisperer’ Tips

It’s one thing choosing plants that look good with one another but they need to be able to grow in the conditions you have in your garden. Click on the links below to discover some top tips on how to know what a plant needs just by looking at its leaves.

Best Kept Secret of Choosing Plants that WILL Grow in Your Garden

How to Choose the Right Garden Plants for Your Garden





  1. Germania B. says:

    Hello Rachell,
    Thumbs up! Thank you so much for the latest free work shop, it has been helpful for my project. Just to confirm what I’ve done to my garden is right! Last year I bought the complete garden design course on line from you, now I’ m happy and proud to tell you that I had it built and finished just last week hence the delay of commenting on the workshop from last month!
    I’d like offer my garden for the next workshop for the planting guide (already bought your planting course – starting to study it next week!) of course I’ll send you tomorrow pictures of before and after plus the process of building it with my plans (not with a 3d as I had structures blocking some of the vews to get angles) and hopefully you’ll be proud of your apprentice student! and decide wether it’s worth or not using it for your wokshop.

    • Hi Germania,

      That’s wonderful! I’d really love to see what you’ve created. So yes, do please send me photographs, I can’t wait to see what you’ve done!

      I think I already have a garden lined up for the plant design workshop, I was planning on using one I’m going to design next week. But, if it’s not suitable, then your garden is definitely in with a good chance.

      Best wishes


  2. Dear Rachel,

    Thank you for your great project with this web site.
    I bought a plot of land for garden. It is big and on the steep slope. I bought it because of excellent view from the top. Now I am in panic, I really do not know how to start. May be from lowest terrace and go to the top, may be opposite from the top to low level. All advices for small gardens. What to do with big and steep to make it simple for maintenance and beautiful?
    Thank you for links or ideas.
    Kind regards, Lucy

    • Hi Lucy,

      I am going to be featuring larger gardens, but it won’t be for a while yet. The good news is, it really doesn’t matter what size, shape or style of garden you have, the design principles and process is the same, you just have to be more careful what types of materials you use in smaller gardens.

      The thing I think would help you see what I’m talking about is the Garden Design Workshop – I demonstrate the entire process of how to design a garden from beginning to end. Whilst the garden featured wasn’t massive, it was quite a big space that needed dividing up into segments, which is what I’d advise you do with yours. If you go to this page, you can download a free guide on landscaping and read about the workshop underneath it:

      Hope that helps.


  3. Hi Rachell and team. Are you still looking for gardens for the workshop >? ive only just seen this on your channel but i have a ( (roughly) 30mx30m (roughly) square garden with a slight gradient on the back of a new build that is a boring blank canvas. I have a budget to carry out some work on it this winter and coming spring, so a design could be implimented as part of the workshop process/finished product imagary. Please let me know, Many thanks Daniel Filbey

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