Where to Start with Your Garden

Below are the 3 most common types of garden. Pick which one closest resembles your circumstances and then follow the links beneath each one to learn more.

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Since we’ve not met, I’ve had to guess what you look like. I hope I’ve managed a passing resemblance at least, with the stick person. Please forgive me if not!

‘Blank Canvas’ Garden

The ‘Blank Canvas’ Garden

Nothing there, nada or virtually nothing. Now the trouble is, because there is nothing there, you don’t know where to start. There’s all that empty space looking back at you, almost taunting you with its emptiness – “Landscape me if you dare!”

If this is your garden type, the good news is there’s nothing in your way. You can do whatever you like with this type of garden, but you’re worried that you’re going to get it all wrong. Don’t worry, we won’t let that happen!

How do you tackle a ‘Blank Canvas’ Garden – click here to find out.



The ‘Some Stuff’ Garden

The ‘Some Stuff’ Garden (in need of a makeover)

You’ve pottered a bit, you’ve got a few plants and perhaps even a shed, somewhere to sit and a BBQ but… (it’s ok to admit this, you’re among friends here) your garden is       B-O-R-I-N-G. Whilst you’re fun and interesting, your garden is duller than a dull person’s dull thing and you don’t know what to do to improve it.

You’ve bought the design books and magazines, and seen lots of pretty pictures, but none of them are ‘your’ garden. None of them are quite what you are looking for or would work for your situation on your budget.

How do you tackle a ‘Some Stuff’ Garden – click here to find out.


The ‘Urban Jungle’ Garden

The ‘Urban Jungle’ or ‘Plant-Lover’s Paradise’ Garden

This garden is the type that is so crammed full of plants that there often isn’t room to swing a cat (for those of you that practice such things). Now, this is usually for one of two reasons. You either a) are a plant-a-holic, and can’t stop yourself. You’ve be known to say things like “Of course I’ve got room for one more plant.” Or “I know I shouldn’t but it’s only a little one, I’ll find a space for it…”

Or b) you’ve inherited a plant-lover’s garden (they were forced to move to a larger property so they could buy more plants to feed their addiction) and you’ve no idea how to tame the wild beast that is outside your back door, so you’ve just let it go and now you’re too scared to go out there… (it’s ok; help is at hand).

How do you tackle an ‘Urban Jungle’ Garden – click here to find out.


  1. Germania says:

    Hi Rachel,
    I recently bought your ebook ‘the great garden formula on line course’ due to a few last minute commitments, I haven’t been able to complete it (but nearly there!) to write a comment but for now I can say that it has been incredibly helpful, I have a design background and new what I wanted in my new garden but didn’t know where to begin! I searched the internet and came across with your decking course, bought it, loved your style of teaching, greatful for bonus tips and specially the video tutorials!!! I bought a new house and the garden is very big with some ugly bits already there and lots of overgrown wild trees and weeds – big job! This last tip about what tipe of garden to work with is just what I needed to reasure me that getting rid of things and clearing for the new land scaped garden.
    I’ll keep you posted with my progress.
    Regards, Germania

  2. thanks

  3. I am so pleased thanks

  4. thanks

  5. Rachel Mathews says:

    You’re all very welcome – glad you’ve found the information useful 🙂

  6. Hello Rachel i’ve gone through your book garden design and landscaping. I have a 30 by 40 ft terrace which i wish to convert into a garden at amritsar, punjab, india. I also wish to incorporate some veggies using a drip. What suggestions can you provide me in regard to the same.

    • Hi Ratna,

      First start off and get the design right so it will look good. I’m no expert on drip irrigation systems so can’t advise you there, other than to try to hide the pipe well so it can’t be seen. Good luck with your project, keep us posted with how you get on.

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