Finally, there's a clear path to creating a gorgeous garden...

Unfortunately, gardening gurus in the media often focus too heavily on planting. They fail to address the importance of correct design principles that are absolutely vital to achieving a gorgeous garden.

But there's a world of difference between 'gardening ' and garden design...

I’m Rachel Mathews, international garden designer and best-selling author. One thing I have witnessed in my 25 years of garden designing is just how costly and unsuccessful 'trial and error' gardening can be.

Because garden design is so important, my mission is to help you along the clear path to designing a stunning garden, without spending a fortune.

WATCH the introductory video below, then scroll down to choose your free web class...

If, like many people, you've tried buying beautiful plants and features but you’re still struggling to create a gorgeous garden, this free online class guides you through a simple design formula that works in any garden...

The step-by-step formula shows you exactly how to transform any dull and boring garden into a gorgeous one!

Here's what's covered in the free web classes


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Option 1: The LONG garden fast-track design class

If your garden is longer than it is wide, choose the LONG garden web class

Option 2: The WIDE, SQUARE & AWKWARD shaped garden fast-track design class

If your garden is WIDE, SQUARE or AWKWARD shaped (see examples) choose the web class below

Not sure what shape your garden is?

…then pick the Wide, Square and Awkward shape garden web class which covers most shapes.