What Is Successful Garden Design?

Good question, glad you asked. It’s the place for you to get tips, training, advice and the support you need to create your dream garden; don’t settle for mediocrity! If you are American, when I say garden I mean yard/landscape – I know garden just means flower border for you guys, well I mean everything.

There is no reason you can’t design your own garden. By understanding the basic design principles, that will be explained and demystified on this blog, you can create a stunning garden.

I’m really passionate about good garden design. I believe everyone should be able to have a great looking garden. I love helping people achieve that. I’ve worked with hundreds of people over the years the effects are always the same. A great garden brings, an often dramatic, change to people’s lives. A beautiful outdoor space does make a positive difference.

Rachel Mathews Successful Garden Design
Rachel Mathews Successful Garden Design

Who’s Behind Successful Garden Design?

A bit remiss of me, I’ve not properly introduced myself – I’m Rachel Mathews from ORIGIN garden design. I’ve been a garden designer for nearly 20 years. I’ve worked on every conceivable shape and style of garden you can imagine.

I design gardens internationally as well as in the south-east of England where I am based. ORIGIN Garden Design also has a construction side that builds the gardens we design.

Becoming A Garden Designer

I decided to try my hand at garden design at the tender age of 19, my brave parents let me undertake transforming their old garden.

I tried to teach myself design from books which was difficult. I found that design was explained in airy-fairy, incomprehensible terms, nothing was concrete on how precisely to design a garden.

I struggled by on the information that was available through books and magazines and did an okay job for a first attempt. It had given me enough inspiration to try garden design as a career, so I enrolled at Writtle College to become a qualified designer.

Some Challenges To Overcome

BUT I couldn’t draw to save my life AND I was completely unable to visualize how anything would look! That, you would think is quite a major disadvantage if you want to draw plans for a living, turned out not to be though once I’d figured out how to get past these obvious drawbacks…

I learned the basics at college and through a mix of their teaching and my own methods, over the years I have developed ways to become a successful garden designer. It is these practical solutions that I teach here at successful garden design.

Books and college courses can only take you so far if you want to learn how to design your own garden. Transferring information into knowledge and practical know-how takes time and hard work. However, because I have already been through this process (and if I can do this, anyone can) there are many shortcuts that you can take to speed up the learning process and get the results you desire in your garden.

Can You Really Learn How To Successfully Plan Your Own Garden?

The last couple of years I have been developing step-by-step, how-to courses to teach people who cannot visualize and draw how they can overcome these challenges and transform their garden. I’ve synthesized everything I’ve learned over the years into a easy to follow formula, that anyone can follow, regardless of experience or skills.

So in short, yes, you can.

If you’ve read this far down an about me page you must be keen, so go sign up for a course already! If you are a beginner, or just want to take your current skills further I strongly recommend you start with the Great Garden Formula Course. The course will show you the entire process to create a great garden and how to avoid all the mistakes that people usually make when doing it themselves.

Please leave a comment below if there is anything I can help you with or you’d like to learn more about. Here’s wishing you successful garden designing!