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Garden Design – The key to creating a great looking garden

Click on the links below to for a quick start guide to designing your garden.

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Small Garden Design – Transform even the smallest space into a beautiful garden


Click on the links below for top tips on how to make any small space garden look stunning as well as larger.

Big Ideas For Tiny Gardens – Part 1

Big Ideas For Tiny Roof Gardens – Part 2

How to Design a Courtyard Garden – Video Tutorial


Plant Design – How to Make Plants Look Good Together

Click on the links below to read some quick tips on successfully combining plants to create stunning planting schemes.

How to Choose the Right Plants for Your Garden

What Makes a Great Planting Scheme



Deck Design

Click on the links below to discover the best decking materials to use as well as learn some top tips on deck design.

Deck Ideas for Your Garden

Deck Design Tips


Patio-design1Patio Design

Click on the links below for tips and ideas on designing the perfect patio for your property.

Which is Best, a Patio or Deck?

How to Plan the Perfect Patio



Garden Surveying – an essential part of the design process

If you want to do a great job with planning your garden, click on the links below to find out how to get your garden onto paper accurately. Good design interlinks, so it’s vital you work from a scale plan in order for the design to fit when you come to build the garden. Don’t worry, working to scale isn’t anywhere near as scary as it might sound. The videos will show you exactly what to do.

How to Measure Your Garden Correctly – Video Tutorial

How to Draw a Scale Plan – Video Tutorial



Choosing Plants – ‘Plant Whisperer’ Tips

It’s one thing choosing plants that look good with one another but they need to be able to grow in the conditions you have in your garden. Click on the links below to discover some top tips on how to know what a plant needs just by looking at its leaves.

Best Kept Secret of Choosing Plants that WILL Grow in Your Garden

How to Choose the Right Garden Plants for Your Garden