Designing your own garden can be a very rewarding process. This series of garden design video tutorials will show you how to design a garden from start to finish. The garden featured in the video is a small garden design for a Spanish courtyard garden. The process shown does apply to any size of garden, not just small gardens. The design process works regardless of where in the world you are and what type of garden you have.

If you specifically want to know more about small garden design, take a look at the Small Garden Design Course.

Video 5 shows how the garden looked a year after it had been built. Hope you enjoy watching these, please leave me a comment below.

How to survey your garden

The garden survey is the vital first step in designing a great garden. If you don’t measure your garden, you won’t be able to design it properly.

How to draw your garden survey to scale

Drawing your garden plan to scale is very important. If the plan isn’t to scale, your design won’t fit properly when you come to build it. Good designs interlink, so if you have to change one part of the design, it will effect everything else in the garden.

How to design a courtyard garden

How you shape the space in your garden is key to the look. flow and function of your garden and ultimately how good it will look when it’s built.

Garden construction process

Finally, getting the garden constructed properly is the last stage in creating a great looking garden. This video will show you behind the scenes of the construction process out here in Spain. Lots more re-enforcement is needed because there’s lots of ground movement here.

The Garden 18 Months Later…

I hope you’ve found these videos useful. Designing your own garden is a very rewarding process, so I encourage you to give it a go!

BUT do be warned – you have to get the design layout right! If you don’t know how to do that then…

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