A triangular shaped garden is a daunting prospect to design.

And this is one heck of an awkward garden…


Small Garden Formula student Ana from Spain was up for the challenge…

The garden is around 130m2, wider and with an awkward shape. In has two sides with 20 years old, more than 5 meters  high Cupressus arizonica planted every 30-50cm. I do not like that at all, since it makes the garden darker and in bad proportion, it looks like a wall and opresses the space.

BUT by law, trees are protected in the urban areas so I can not take them out without asking for a license and most probably they will not approve it. 

Also I love nature and those trees are livings beings and I really respect them (is not their problem if  somebody choose the wrong tree for the space). On top of that it was planted Hedera Hélix with no control making a tangle of branches with no order.

The design solution for a triangular shaped garden

Here is the design plan that Ana came up with for her Madrid garden…


She then booked a Design Clinic Plan Review with me and we went over the design and tweaked things a little as well as coming up with a solution for the protected tree problem.


Here’s how the garden has turned out so far (not quite finished)

It has been a challange due to the extremely awkward shape and the constrains with existing trees. Your help and advice was incredibly valueble including all lessons I learnt in your small garden design formula.

Indeed  I am planning to launch ‘ Alterespacio’ my studio to start helping others with design and decoration (@Alterespacio in Instagram). I am enrolled in a garden design diploma and I will take the great garden formula since your experience and learning method is amazing and effective also your advice. 

I think Ana did a great job with her design and I wish her every success with her new business venture – I’m sure she’ll make a fantastic garden designer, especially once she’s completed our pro garden design course!

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Rachel Mathews
Rachel Mathews

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