I’m excited to announce that I’m taking part in Deborah Niemann’s Thrifty Homesteader Bumper Crop Gardening Bundle.

Get the Bumper Garden Bundle Now


I'm coming together with leading experts to share our knowledge in one great bundle which is on special offer from Monday 17th until Sunday the 23rd April.

I'll be sharing my Food Garden Formula Course which shows how to convert an existing garden into an attractive food-producing garden from a designer's perspective.

The bundle includes over $350 worth of content from myself and the fine folks featured below, all for $49 (available from Monday 17th).

No Dig Knowledge Pack - Charles Dowding

Charles Dowding of the 'no dig' fame is sharing his fabulous No Dig Knowledge Pack which explains how no dig reduces any need for fertilisers and plant rotations. He helps you understand the few main practices you need, leading to confident and successful vegetable growing.

Easy Indoor Herb Gardening - Jeanne Grunert, Home Garden Joy

Do you grow lovely fresh herbs in the summer - and wish you could grow them inside in the wintertime, too? Nothing beats having fresh herbs ready to add spice to your favorite meals!

Easy Indoor Herb Gardening, will show you how to grow all types of fresh herbs indoors. You don’t need special equipment or a green thumb, either!

Farm to Table Planner - Emily Forbes, the Forbes Family Farm

The Farm to Table Planner introduces the proprietary TABLE framework.

This system walks you through how to take stock of your own kitchen and pantry to ensure you have the essentials on hand to turn any produce into a delicious meal.




Grow Vegetables and Herbs in a Shady Garden - Kathi Rodgers, Oak Hill Homestead

This ebook will teach you how to grow your own delicious, organic vegetables and herbs even in the shade. You'll learn how to choose the best location, how to choose plants that will grow in the shade, and how to boost and/or supplement the light you do have.

The Ultimate Food Freezing Guide - Kristin Duke, Mr Animal FarmThe Ultimate Food Freezing Guide will allow you to fill your freezer so nothing gets wasted. This guide will show you exactly how to freeze just about any type of food you can imagine so you can do more freezing in less time.

Your First Garden - Deborah Niemann, Thrifty Homesteader

Whether this will be your first garden or you've tried and failed in the past, this course will give you all the info you need to start seeds or buy transplants for your garden. You'll also learn the basics of fertilizing and dealing with weeds and pests organically.

A Beginners Guide to Backyard Chickens and Chicken Tractors - Liz Beavis, Eight Acres

Chickens in a confined coop can end up living in an unpleasant dust-bowl, but allowing chickens to free-range can result in chickens getting into gardens and expose them to predators.

A movable cage or “chicken tractor” is the best of both options – the chickens are safe, have access to clean grass, fresh air and bugs. Feed costs are reduced, chickens are happier, and egg production increases.

But how do you build a chicken tractor? What aspects should be considered in designing and using a chicken tractor effectively? In this eBook I aim to explain how to make a chicken tractor work for you in your environment to meet your goals for keeping chickens.

Guide to Onions - Carly MacQuarrie, The Little Green Shoot

Get the onion guide and start planting!

  • Visualize and plan what you need to start growing your own onions.
  • Discover why you don't need to buy onions from the store anymore.
  • Explore organic fertilizers, and choose the one that's right for you.
  • Learn proven ways of harvesting to increase the shelf life of your onions.
  • Try out my amazing salsa recipe using your fresh, homegrown onions.
  • Try out different ways of preserving your onions all year.
Get the Bumper Garden Bundle Now




Rachel Mathews
Rachel Mathews

Professional international garden designer for over 30 years. My mission is to de-mystify garden design and make it easy for people to successfully design their own garden - without needing to spend a fortune!

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    • Hannah Todd

      Thank you Rachael, but I don’t need any of the bundle you are advertising, but many thanks for letting me see it.
      Hannah Todd

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