Ideas for your garden – gallery 3 Modern Contemporary Gardens

In last week’s ideas for your garden gallery we featured a selection of more traditional styles of garden with a heavy emphasis on plants.

This week’s gallery, the last in this series, is the complete opposite of last week’s style of garden and focuses primarily on modern contemporary styles. These types of garden tend to have more focus on design and use of hard landscaping materials so may not be to everyone’s tastes but I hope you still get some inspiration even if you want a more traditional style of garden.

A Little Bit Of Planning Goes A Long Way…

I’ve called this gallery advanced because a lot more time and skill goes into creating this style of garden. In part because the focus is on the hard landscaping materials. This means that the design shape is much more noticeable. In traditional style gardens you can hide a multitude of sins with a good planting scheme but with slightly less focus on plants, that is harder to do!

Gardening Blasphemy!

In case anyone is reading ‘less focus on plants’ to mean that plants are not important – don’t! Using fewer plants means that their selection is even more vital. Any planting scheme needs a lot of thought put into it but in my opinion, even more is required when planting areas are small. The less plants you have, the more each plant needs to ‘give’ to the space it’s in.

Next Week Could be a Shock to the System…

I’ll be going back to my normal blog where I actually write posts and don’t rely on moving images to keep you entertained! For those of you who prefer to watch rather than read, don’t worry, there will be more garden design video tutorials and garden galleries coming along in due course. Or if you’d like a step-by-step guide on how to create a beautiful garden, visit our courses page.

Oh and Talking of Good Blogs!

If you haven’t already discovered Jenny Peterson’s blog – DO go and check it out this week. Yours truly is in her brand new Gardener of the Month feature and before you ask – no I didn’t pay her to write this (though I half feel I should have!).

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