[DESIGN SHOW 24] Sensational Autumn & Winter Border Planting Tips

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In this Successful Garden Design Show episode…

Rachel visits Marks Hall Garden and Arboretum in Essex for inspiration on how to create modern and natural planting schemes with autumn and winter interest…

We look at how the addition of grasses and key plants into a border can prolong the length of time the garden looks good.

The purple flowered Asters and taller purple Verbena bonariensis look particularly good in the autumn and early winter months, especially when combined with grasses.

Is there REALLY such a thing as a garden that looks good ALL year?

In this Design Show episode I visit Beth Chatto’s world famous gravel garden to answer that question!

Gardens of course, tend to look great in the summer, but what about the winter months? Beth Chatto’s gravel garden certainly looked great July as shown in the images above and below…

In this episode I compare the July planting to how it looked in November. Take a look at the video to see how it faired!

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[DESIGN SHOW 22] Creating glorious herbaceous flower borders

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In this episode Rachel visits some wonderful gardens in the south of England and takes a look at what makes their herbaceous flower borders great… as well as not so great!

This lovely herbaceous border is one of the first parts of the West Dean Gardens. It looks great mid to late summer.

Gardens featured are Waterperry in Oxfordshire and West Dean gardens in West Sussex

The striking vegetable garden was hidden behind some stunning herbaceous borders.

The hot colours looked great and the shape and form of all the plants, combined with the colours made for a great looking border.

Further up the garden was this lovely pergola walk made from stone columns and covered with climbing roses, Clematis, Wisteria, jasmine and much more.

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Successful Garden Design Tips 8 – getting planting numbers correct

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In this week’s Successful Garden Design tips video Rachel walks you through how to get the planting quantities right and how to successfully plant in groups.

She’ll also show you a little trick for making sure your plants grow away quickly…

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Successful Garden Design Tips 7 – Fixing a messy border

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I’ve returned to the UK and I’m not in my mother’s good books…

“I can’t believe I married a nurseryman and have a daughter who’s a garden designer and my garden STILL looks awful!”…

Oops, guess it’s about time I looked at that border I said I’d fix about 2 years ago!

It’s because I’ve been so busy over at Successful Garden Design creating lots of wonderful free training.

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Plant Selection – Magic in May

May is my favourite month of the whole year in the UK. Mostly, because it’s the start of some great flowers appearing and all the signs are there that summer is on its way…

May Plant Selection

Here are some of my favourite planting combinations for this time of year.  They can be used as an add on to April’s plant selection. In fact, I encourage you to do so. The two combined will give you a wonderfully vibrant combination of flowers and foliage.
MAY-plants-selectionRight click on this link to download a larger version of the plant selection – file ‘Save As’

Geranium pratense ‘Black Beauty’

This particular variety of geranium has the most amazing dark purple foliage. The flowers are a stunning shade of violet. This is a relatively low growing variety, only reaching about 30 cm high. It will flower on and off for months, from May to November, in a good year. It can grow in most soils and can take full sun to partial shade.

Allium Purple Sensation

These striking flowers are members of the onion family. The flowers, and strap shaped leaves, come up from bulbs every year. They are the perfect plant to repeat around the garden. They are ideal for placing in between other plants as a gap filler. They mostly flower in May and in to June. They prefer full sun, but will take a little shade.

Iris Black Swan

I absolutely love irises. It’s not just the exquisite and unusual shaped flowers that draw me to them. For me, their glaucous spiky foliage is a very appealing and an attractive break in any flower border. They grow from corms, which are similar to bulbs, and need to be just above the soil level, so that they can be baked by the sun. This is definitely a plant thrives in hot sunny conditions.

Euphorbia wulfenii

This is one of my favourite Euphorbias. The lime-green flower bracts make the perfect backdrop to purple flowers and foliage.They also look great with the deep blue of the Ceanothus. They are semi-evergreen with blue green leaves, in quite an architectural form to the overall shape of the plant. They grow in quite a wide variety of soil conditions and will take full sun through to partial shade.

Ceanothus ‘Blue Sapphire’

The vivid blue flowers of this Ceanothus along with the almost purple green foliage and stems, make for a very attractive shrub. However, whilst it is incredibly beautiful, compared to other Ceanothus, it is a little on the weedy side. Whilst some Ceanothus can take cooler conditions, this one will only survive with little or no frost. Because of its colour, I still think it’s worth trying. But if you know you’re in an area that has a lot of winter frosts, then it’s probably best to avoid this particular variety.

What are your favourite plants in May?

Leave your plant suggestions in either the Facebook or comments boxes below.

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Check out the Plant Design Formula, where I will share all my top tricks on how you successfully put plants together to create stunning combinations.

BUT do be warned, plants alone will NOT give you a stunning garden – you have to get the design layout right first. If you don’t know how to do that then…

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