[DESIGN SHOW 20] – Courtyard gardens & English cottage style

In this episode Rachel gives us a guided tour of how the Spanish courtyard garden looks 7 years after it was first featured on Successful Garden Design as well as visits a tiny courtyard garden to help the owner give it a much needed makeover. And we feature a tiny little Andalusian courtyard garden in […]

[DESIGN SHOW 19] – Mediterranean garden tour & adding the WOW with colour

Download the WOW factor garden cheat sheet from: https://www.successfulgardendesign.com/wow/ Details of William and Robert’s fantastic mountain Med garden can be found here: https://www.jardinalpujarra.com/the-garden/ If you’d like to volunteer to help in the garden, details of how to do that are here: https://www.jardinalpujarra.com/the-garden/membership-and-volunteering/ And if you’d like to stay at their lodging, details here: http://www.cortijoopazo.com Here’s […]

[DESIGN SHOW 18] – Level Changes, wide gardens and WIN a garden design plan

In this episode designer Rachel Mathews from Successful Garden Design shows you how to tackle gardens with changes in level. She’ll show you how to divide the space to make the terraces look great. If you’d like to see more about the Great Garden Formula 3.0 course, please visit: http://greatgardenformula.com/ Attend one of our FREE […]

[DESIGN SHOW 17] – Roof Terrace and Small Garden Ideas

In this episode Rachel and the Successful Garden Design team look at how to create a stunning roof terrace garden. How to choose the right plants and how to correctly plan a small space garden. To visit Casa Aire de Lecrin guest house the episode was filmed in go to: http://www.casa-aire-de-lecrin.com Small Garden Secrets Video […]

[DESIGN SHOW 16] – Chelsea Flower Show Highlights

Chelsea Flower Show Highlights Have you not had a chance to visit the Chelsea Flower Show this year? No worry. In this episode garden designer Ali Conway takes you on a tour of the World’s premier gardening event, the Chelsea Flower Show that was held in London last month. You’ll be able to see all […]

[DESIGN SHOW 15] Planting ideas, long & wide garden plans

To see more about the Great Garden Formula 3.0 visit: http://www.greatgardenformula.com In this episode Successful Garden Designers Rachel Mathews and Ali Conway walk you round the Cambridge Botanic Gardens to look at how to effectively repeat plant in your garden. They also show designs they have been working on for a long garden and a […]

[DESIGN SHOW 14] Patio shapes that improve your garden

To find out more about the Great Garden Formula course, please visit: https://successfulgardendesigncourses.com/great-garden-formula/ Does your patio look the way you want? Does it work with the rest of your garden or is it dull and boring? The SHAPE of your patio makes such a difference to the overall look of your garden. It’s often THE most […]

[DESIGN SHOW 13] Christmas Gifts for You!

Please note: free access to the workshop was only for the Christmas period. Although the workshop has ended you can still attend one of our FREE Fast Track Garden Design online classes… Register on this page: https://www.successfulgardendesign.com/freeclasses/

[DESIGN SHOW 12] – Garden Focal Points & Plant Border Tips

In this episode garden designer Rachel Mathews discusses how to correctly position garden statues, sculptures and focal points. You can see the rest of her interview with artist and author Kitty Harri in the Andalusian sculpture garden in Otivar near Granada in Spain. Rachel will then give you her tops tips on positioning focal points […]

[DESIGN SHOW 11] Sculpture Garden tour – Kitty Harri, Spain

Kitty Harri’s Sculpture Garden In this episode, garden designer Rachel Mathews takes you on a fabulous tour of author Kitty Harri’s Andalusian sculpture garden in Otivar near Granada in Spain. The garden features over 60 sculptures. Along side Kitty’s pieces there are also works by famous sculptors Carlos Bajouca, Patrick Adam, Ron Egan and Mad […]

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