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As promised last week, here is the first of three portfolios of finished gardens. I’ve labelled this one beginner level because most of the gardens featured are comprised of relatively simple geometric shapes. These are the easiest to design with and therefore a good place to start if you are new to designing your garden.

Simple doesn’t mean boring!

Creating a simple circle, oval or rectangular shape to your lawn can totally transform your garden, as you will see from the examples shown in the garden gallery.

You can also view this ideas for small and medium sized gardens video along with many more on the Successful Garden Design YouTube Channel.

In next week’s blog post there will be even more gardens featured to give you lots of garden ideas. These are a little more involved with shape and levels.

If you would like to learn about design yourself then make sure you watch…

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Rachel Mathews
Rachel Mathews

Professional international garden designer for over 30 years. My mission is to de-mystify garden design and make it easy for people to successfully design their own garden - without needing to spend a fortune!

    5 replies to "Garden Ideas Gallery – Small and Medium Sized Garden Pictures [part 1]"

    • Stacey Cornelius

      Rachel, I would like to apply to be president of your fan club, please. That video also made me wish (albeit briefly) that I had a smaller yard with a fence.

      I have a casual, sprawling garden that has never seen a tape measure. My design method will make you cringe: open the shed, grab the shovel, look around, dig.

      It actually works pretty well, since I follow contours, and the beds need to be informal to match the rural setting and style of the house (century-old cape). It still doesn’t prevent garden envy, though.

      Beautifully done, as usual.

    • Rachel Mathews

      LOL! Well if you’ll sort my inbox as president, the job’s yours! ;o)

      Actually if you have a garden in a rural setting it’s good to try to tie it in with the surrounding landscape. So sounds like you are on the right track! Next week’s blog post has a few of those kinds of garden so maybe you’ll get some more inspiration for yours!

      Doesn’t hurt to put pen to paper though if you are developing your garden – but if the shovel is working well for you, go with it!

    • Stacey Cornelius

      I’ve discovered I’m a good editor. Starting from scratch… no so much.

      Part of the problem was the intimidation of a big, blank canvas. The house had been a rental property, and there wasn’t a petunia in a pot when we bought the place. The area around the house was cleared, no shrubs, but a big hay field on one side that I tackled with grass shears and a rake. The whole thing just boggled my mind.

      Then there was the slight necessity of putting the 12 dozen plants I’d brought with me in the ground. Someday I’ll get a Flickr account and post Before and During pictures.

    • Rachel Mathews

      I know what you mean Stacey, I always find blank canvas gardens harder to design, no matter what their size. I’m good at creative problem solving so having nothing to work around takes me longer to come up with a design!

      I would LOVE to see photos of before and during, so yes, please post a link!

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