Garden update – sort of…

If you have been wondering what happened to my parent’s garden we featured in episodes 8 and 9 of the Garden Design Show, the one that needed the flower beds updating. Yes, the one where we’d removed a large hedge and mother nature had done her thing and put all sorts of clashing colour combinations together, well here’s how it’s looking now…


Here’s how it looked in May


Garden back in May

So what did we do?

In a word, nothing.

Absolutely nothing, in fact!

I’ve been away for over a month and never got around to doing the planting plan before I left. It’s amazing how much plants can grow this time of year with a bit of sunshine and rain.

Clearly there’s a lot to be said for doing nothing!

There are still some really horrific colour clashes, and yes we will get around to fixing them, but to be honest, it’s so lovely to see everything flowering so prolifically, we’re just going to leave everything as it is until the autumn!

FlowerbordersWorking colour combinations

Kniphofia Timothy

Kniphofia Timothy

Not everything is clashing, thankfully. I particularly love the rusty peach shades of the red hot poker ‘Kniphofia Timothy’ along with the purple foliage of Physocarpus Diable D’or.

Unfortunately next to that combination we had planted a salmon Achillea to carry the colours further down the garden, but alas this year it’s come up shocking pink, so it’s definitely on the ‘to be moved’ list!

I guess the saying about cobbler’s children having no shoes is also true of parents who’s children are garden designers, never getting their garden done! ;o)

 Garden Design Courses

Hopefully my idleness in the garden isn’t contagious and you are still wanting to properly tackle yours! To help you do just that, check out these Online Garden Design Courses.



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  1. amazing

  2. Rachel I don't think you should beat yourself up over colour clashes, in my opinion all natural colours in the garden go together because they were made to. I keep koi and even though my koi pond is full of every colour imaginable it only goes to enhancing my enjoyment of koi fish keeping and so does the splash of colour summer brings to my garden

  3. Thanks Pauline! 🙂

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