In this episode, Rachel looks at 3 different methods of growing food indoors in the winter. She also covers how to check the air quality in your home and how to improve it to optimal levels for health.

Check out the Garden Like a Viking YouTube how to grow mushrooms indoors series.

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Rachel Mathews
Rachel Mathews

Professional international garden designer for over 30 years. My mission is to de-mystify garden design and make it easy for people to successfully design their own garden - without needing to spend a fortune!

    14 replies to "GT12 – 3 methods for indoor food growing in winter & improving home air quality"

    • Catharine

      Very interested in the three natural remedies. Is one colloidal silver? Thanks.

      • Rachel Mathews

        Hi Catherine,

        No, actually, it isn’t but that is in my first aid kit… There’s something a lot more effective that I will tell you about when I do the video! ;o)

    • anne hardie

      your health tips sound soo interesting I would love to be educated on natural healthy matters get better soon

    • Judi

      Hi Rachel- the lions mane mushrooms look amazing- might be investigating those! I would certainly be interested in the air quality plant video if you do that. Thanks

      • Rachel Mathews

        Hi Judi,

        The Lion’s mane is really lovely and meant to be good for the brain as well, definitely worth growing at home! I will add the air quality plants to my video todo list – the natural first aid kit has the most votes so far.

    • Chris

      Im really interested in what we can do to improve indoor air quality. Love these videos many thanks.

      • Rachel Mathews

        Hi Chris,

        Thank you :o)

        Air quality plants video is on the list – but the natural first aid kit will be first as that’s had the most votes..

    • arlynn

      Rachel, you are amazing! I love the direction you’ve been taking with making our growing areas beautiful AND healthy. Thank you. I’d love info about your first aid kit.

      • Rachel Mathews

        Ahh thank you, Arlynn :o)

        Glad you are enjoying this direction! And yes, there’s been lots of interest in the natural first aid kit, so I will do that video next…

    • Jaya

      Hi Rachel,
      Would love to hear more on natural health remedies, especially for winter season. Love the indoor garden and would like more details on plants which help with air quality. Thank you.

      • Rachel Mathews

        Thanks, Jaya. The natural first aid video will be first as that’s had the most votes, then I will do the air quality plants :o)

    • Myrna

      Looking forward to seeing your video on Natural First Aid

      • Rachel Mathews

        Thanks, Myrna. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get the video done in the next couple of weeks.

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