Cheryl’s EV fire hazards speech

@GeoffBuysCars (mention at 12:30)

@gardenlikeaviking (mention at 13:20) Garden Viking calcium fertilizer

How to grow ginger

Lithium links

Siddharth Kara Cobalt Red author & researcher

UK electric battery fires

Green engine alternatives – JCB Hydrogen

Speech writing and communication tips



Rachel Mathews
Rachel Mathews

Professional international garden designer for over 30 years. My mission is to de-mystify garden design and make it easy for people to successfully design their own garden - without needing to spend a fortune!

    14 replies to "GT16 The Great ‘Green’ Deception"

    • Arlynn

      You are right! Good stewardship of the earth is not green energy. The whole concept is twisted. People have to stop following propaganda and start educating themselves. Someone is making a lot of money off “climate change” with nothing good that we can show for it. It’s all more fear mongering the people, then taxing them, then ultimately when there are no petro engines in existence they will ban lithium and we will be riding bicycles. Friends don’t let friends buy electric cars! Have you seen the pictures of the EV graveyards in France? The battery is too expensive to replace so people and governments junk the car. Another waste and another eyesore on the earth.

      OBTW – your speech was terrific! You were poised, polite, respectful, organized, clear, concise and correct on every point.

      • Rachel Mathews

        Ah thank you, Arylnn – they only give you 3 mins to speak and it’s on a timer, so we didn’t have a lot of choice on being concise! There was so much else I wanted to say…

        Yes, I’ve seen the awful EV graveyards but sadly there wasn’t time to include them but next time we could. Though I doubt we’ll get any more photos in with us! ;o)

        It’s sad that it’s always about the money… and yes, I agree, EVs are destined to fail – when you research them they are completely illogical on every level. There aren’t enough rare earth minerals to cater for everyone even if they weren’t so environmentally disastrous!

    • Tina

      Well said! I think that by using EV batteries and solar panels we are building up toxic waste now and for the future. And the use of child labour is despicable.

      • Rachel Mathews

        Yes, unfortunately, and as per usual it’s all about the money and not the real issues…

    • shirley smale


      • Rachel Mathews

        Hi Shirley,

        There are loads of ways. You use leafmould from a forest (like I showed in the previous episode) and have it ferment in a container with anything from weeds, manure, even urine! Follow the Garden Like a Viking Channel on YouTube and he will show you how to do it step by step.

    • P. ALLAM

      24/3 23, You need to go Viral with this. Another Dieselgate is occurring. A Greenwas Flood is underway.

      • Rachel Mathews

        Thank you – yes, people do need to see this!

      • Liz

        What is Dieselgate?

        • Rachel Mathews

          It was when the government were telling us how good diesel was and the best environmental choice when clearly it was not!

          • Liz

            I wondered if that is what it was. I was pleased that the second-hand mini camper-van I bought in 2012 ran on diesel because I understood it was supposed to be better for the environment and less polluting. Then suddenly diesel was bad and people who had diesel vehicles were deliberately being inconsiderate bastards. I have still got it and I am dreading the imposition of electric vehicles. Even if I could afford a suitable replacement I suspect that not long afterwards there will be something else and EV owners will be inconsiderate bastards killing children and destroying the planet.

            I happened across Geoff Buys Cars videos a few days ago, the Rowan Atkinson article commentary, then today when I was trying to track you down again I saw that you had linked to his videos under one of your Council videos.

            The Mayar Tousi video about the Council meeting was what led me to look you up in the first place. I have found your Council YouTube Playlist now and will have a look at the other videos you have linked plus the transcripts – they all look VERY useful!

            I have tried to recommend your videos to some friends but I stupidly misremembered and thought you were in Gloucester and I couldn’t remember your name. I have bookmarked this time so I can find everything again and pass on the links.

            • Rachel Mathews

              Thanks, Liz. Great you’ve still got your camper, I really miss mine! I don’t honestly think they will be able to force EVs on us, too many people are already aware of the issues thanks to people like Geoff and Rowan.

              The Gloucester connection is that Carinna and I attended a wonderful weekend seminar there so you were half right! ;o)

              Glad the council scripts and videos are helpful.

    • GC Todd

      Very very interesting video.I didn’t know any of that information. I’ll make sure to tell my friends about it so they are aware also. Thanks Rachel

      • Rachel Mathews

        Thank you, it’s something everyone needs to know – so good on you for passing it along to your friends. As Arylnn said above, friends don’t let friends buy EVs! ;o)

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