Thank you for purchasing the postal garden design service. In order to get going on your plan I need you to provide me with the following information:

  • A scale plan of your garden showing all relevant information such as the position of the house in relation to the garden boundary and showing the position of any relevant doors or windows. I’ll also need to know the position of your planting borders along with any existing elements you wish to keep.

When you purchased your property you probably received a small survey drawing showing your boundary line. This is perfect to send to me. Either by email to or by post to Successful Design Ltd. Mill Race, New Road, Aldham, Colchester, Essex CO6 3QT. If you have architect plans which show the position of doors and windows, even better, email those too.

As these survey plans are often very small I will need you to measure the following things so we can cross check it when we enlarge your plan to work on:

  • your house
  • the distance between your house and the boundary fences

Measuring Your Garden

If you don’t have a survey plan you will need to measure the entire garden as shown in Figure 4 below. When you draw up the survey measurements they will need to be to a scale of 1:100 which is 1 cm on the paper = 1 metre on the ground or the imperial equivalent is 1/8 of an inch = 1ft.

Rather We Draw Your Survey?

Or if you would rather just do the measuring and have us draw it up to the right scale, we can do this for you for £85. Just click on this link to purchase the survey drawing upgrade.

Alternatively there are some free video tutorials on surveying you can watch here:

But If you have a complicated shape of garden or one with a change of levels then it’s well worth taking a look at the survey mini-course which has step-by-step video tutorials and a written guide to show you everything you need to do.


You will also need to provide us with photographs of your garden. Take these from positions you look out from the most like your kitchen or dining room window. Also take pictures looking back towards the house. You can create panoramic photos by standing in one position and panning round as you take photos, then I can join them together to get a better feel of your garden.

Taking some pictures from an upstairs window is also helpful. Providing your postal or zip code is also useful as I can zoom in using Google Earth and that will enable me to check the boundary is correct on the plan. Though absolutely fine if you do not want to give that information!

I’m are also going to need a good idea of what you want the style and feel of your garden to look like, so please download and fill in the Garden Requirements Form below:

Garden requirements form

On receipt of your survey plan and filled in Garden Requirements From we will start work on your design. I aim to have it back to you within 2-3 weeks but please allow 3-4 weeks during busy times.