[DESIGN SHOW 14] Patio shapes that improve your garden

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Does your patio look the way you want? Does it work with the rest of your garden or is it dull and boring?

The SHAPE of your patio makes such a difference to the overall look of your garden. It’s often THE most overlooked aspect of garden design.

In this episode, international garden designer, Rachel from Successful Garden Design, critiques some design layout plans and offers solutions on how to improve designs.

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About Rachel Mathews

Professional international garden designer for over 20 years. My mission is to de-mystify garden design and make it easy for people to successfully design their own garden - without needing to spend a fortune!


  1. Massimo D'Alessandro says:

    Dear Rachel thank you for your brilliant tips.As fort the microphone you do
    not need a stereo mic to have sound in both ears! Your little mono mic is
    fine unless it is broken 🙂 Love Massimo

  2. Successful Garden Design says:

    +Canberra Larchitect Which one of the designs? What would you have done differently? If you're up for doing a quick sketch we could feature it in an upcoming show?

  3. Successful Garden Design says:

    +Canberra Larchitect Which one of the designs? If it was the 3rd one – I agree, it didn't flow well. What I probably should have pointed out in the video is that these were the 1st drafts. I wanted to show Wolfgang that he could re-direct the path – my 'fix' wasn't a final polished design, it was a direction for him to develop further. That design needed a lot more time spent on it to make it work properly.

    If it was one of the other designs, what would you have done differently? If you're up for doing a quick sketch we could feature it in an upcoming show?

  4. Successful Garden Design says:

    +Massimo D'Alessandro Thank you – really? I've had SO many comments about the stereo issue! I think it's from people listening via headphones that have the issue!

  5. Massimo D'Alessandro says:

    +Successful Garden Design, sorry I rushed a bit my comment. You need to buy (less than £2) this http://www.amazon.co.uk/3-5mm-Mono-Stereo-Jack-Adapter-Black/dp/B007C3VTJO/ref=sr_1_30?ie=UTF8&qid=1430844204&sr=8-30&keywords=mono+stereo+3.5mm+socket+3.5mm+jack+adaptor and adapt to your mono mic (I suppose the male of your mic is a 3.5mm jack and so the socket in your videocam). Also you can read this to know why that happened with our video cam http://soundsharkaudio.com/can-use-mono-microphone-stereo-camera/

    So with less than two punds you go back to your old dear mic. Much Love from Bristol. Massimo

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