In this Successful Garden Design Show episode, Rachel gives her 3 top planting design tips. She’ll show you exactly how you can create stunning planting borders wherever you are in the world.

This episode was filmed in the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden in Cape Town, South Africa.

Planting Design Tips Re-Cap

  • Tip 1 – Group Planting
  • Tip 2 – Power Plants
  • Tip 3 – Repeat Planting

Tip 1 – Group Planting

Grouping plants together adds immediate impact to any garden. Group planting also mimics nature. Think of the mountainsides covered in proteas or fields of wild poppies.

Tip 2 – Power Plants

When planting in groups though, they are obviously going to take up much more space, so it’s important you choose your plants with extra care. Try to choose plants that are more than a one-hit wonder with a short flowering season.

Choose something that I call a ‘Power Plant’. These will have an interesting shape, tend to be evergreen and have a long flowering period. That gives you the most bang for your buck!

Tip 3 – Repeat Planting

Adding the same plant to different parts of your garden may seem like it would make your planting scheme boring, but it actually does the opposite. Having key plants repeated around the garden helps draw the eye around, which creates interest, as well as continuity and clarity in the planting.





Rachel Mathews
Rachel Mathews

Professional international garden designer for over 30 years. My mission is to de-mystify garden design and make it easy for people to successfully design their own garden - without needing to spend a fortune!

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