Small Front Garden – SGD Student Anne Fries, Melbourne

I always love it when people send in photos of their gardens after doing one of our garden design courses.

This garden is no exception…

With NO previous design experience, Anne and her husband have done a tremendous job transforming their boring front yard into a beautiful garden…

I’ll now pass you over to Anne to tell you about her garden…

“In November, my husband and I moved into a new home which needed the front and back gardens designed and built. Whilst it was lovely to have the proverbial “blank canvas”, it was also rather daunting.

The builders had put in a very basic garden at the front, but it wasn’t what we wanted (see photo above).

I bought your online courses before we moved, and had a lot of fun drawing shapes and paths, scrapping them, and starting again!


The main challenge in the front garden was working around the two water meters and taps (we are fortunate to be in an estate that has connected Class A recycled water to every home for garden use, etc), an inspection hatch, and a stormwater vent, all within a wide but shallow garden.
I found the Small Garden Design Course particularly helpful, as it showed me how to break the garden up into shapes that made it look and feel deeper.


We built the garden together, with a rotary hoe and lots of elbow grease! My husband did a great job with the paving, edging and the connecting boardwalks, which take the eye on a journey.

We wanted some water in the garden, so to add some life and sparkle, we bought a tiny solar fountain ($15 on eBay), and placed it in a water dish. It adds a point of interest, some movement, and it’s fun to watch it respond to the changeable Melbourne weather!


We still have a couple of things to plant when cooler Autumn weather arrives, but it’s mostly done. Once some of the ‘larger’ plants have grown, we’ll be able to plant in their shade, but that’s quite a way ahead! We’ll just have to possess our souls in patience, as we wait for everything to grow!

I loved working through the courses, and applying what I learned to the challenges we faced. We love our garden, and it wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable without your inspiration! Thanks for all your wisdom and practical advice. I really would have struggled and become so frustrated without it!”

Do you need ideas and help with your garden?

If you’d like to take the same course Anne did – take a look at our Small Garden Formula online course. It walks you through everything you need to know to be able to design a small space garden, no matter what shape.



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