Small Garden Design Tips – Gardening Today Interview

Small gardens can often be a little challenging to make them look good. Just how do you fit everything you want into a small garden?

How do you make a small space garden look and feel larger? The answer to these questions and more were answered on the Gardening Today web radio show.

It was my great pleasure to be interviewed by writer and broadcaster Kate Copsey the other week. We discussed in detail how to make any small garden look amazing.

Watch the replay below to find out how you can transform your garden quickly and easily, without needing to spend a fortune. Unfortunately the phone connection did get a little weird occasionally, so the sound quality does jump in places, but stay with it, it soon clears again.

Small Garden Design Tips

Here are some of the small garden design that were featured in the interview.


In this modern garden the paving slabs run from left to right, which makes the area look wider. The deck boards run from top to bottom of the garden, which help make it look longer.


How you shape your lawn and patio areas will make a much bigger difference than plants alone can. Small gardens in particular need special attention paid to the shapes you use in the garden. Focus on the these shapes first, then work out which plants to use – the results will be a million times better than just focusing on the plants alone.


This long, narrow, small garden is made to look larger by taking the eyes from one side of the garden to the other, with careful placement of paving and features to draw the eyes through the garden. Circles are great for making small gardens look and feel larger.

The Small Garden Design Formula

If you’d like to learn the Small Garden Design Formula for yourself and be guided step-by-step through the design process, then do check out the Small Garden Design Formula page.

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