I want to introduce you to an amazing landscaper designer called Leon Kluge. Some may already be familiar with his work as an award winner at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show in London.

In March 2020 he was visiting one of his clients and got stuck there during lockdown, which of course everyone thought was only going to be for 2 weeks…

He put his extended stay to good use… here are some screenshot sneak peeks of the stunning garden he walks you through in the video…

Here’s the farmland that he started out with and this is the plan he came up with…

Leon’s design is a brilliant blend of working with the natural landscape, existing buildings and tying it all together seamlessly within his design.

Leon has used a simple plant and colour palette to achieve magnificent results. It takes a lot of skill to blend plants in the controlled yet natural way that he’s achieved here. Bravo!

Beautiful use of grasses here. Notice how he’s repeated them throughout the design layout. Weaving them through the garden like this automatically draws your eyes through the garden in a sumptuous visual journey. Leon has used the rocks from the site for paths that meander through the garden and the grasses increase the flowing movement of the path.

So many gems in this garden, the attention to detail is phenomenal. I love how Leon incorporates elements for nature within the garden, like this wildlife pond.

Notice how both the door of the little building and the pergola line up perfectly with the paths. Even with natural-style gardens, it’s important to line things up to create good vistas.

The soft planting style works very well to contrast the dramatic mountain scenery… A truly stunning garden, I hope you enjoy viewing more in the video above.

You can see more of Leon’s beautiful work on his Instagram page. And if you wish to view the garden in person and stay at the resort, check out the Sterrekopje Instagram.



Rachel Mathews
Rachel Mathews

Professional international garden designer for over 30 years. My mission is to de-mystify garden design and make it easy for people to successfully design their own garden - without needing to spend a fortune!

    2 replies to "Stunning South African Garden – by designer Leon Kluge"


      Beautiful – my friends in SA have spoken about him. I’ll watch the video again and again 🙂 But did anyone hear what acreage he had to start with? Looks vast.

      • Rachel Mathews

        It’s a certainly is stunning – it would be my dream project! I don’t remember what acreage he started with, but yes, it does look huge!

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