Trellis screening not only has practical uses in the garden, they can be very attractive focal points too. If you are looking for an accent piece for your garden or even a privacy screen, a trellis does a fine job, particularly when well covered with plants, woven through its lattice framework.

Trellis screening construction

If you’d like to add interest and practicality to your garden, it’s time to think about what kind of trellis would best suit your needs.

  • Consider wood, wrought iron, strong plastic, synthetics or wire. Bear in mind that your trellis will need to be strong enough to support the weight of the plants as they grow and mature, as well as be durable enough to withstand the worst of weather conditions.

Trellis styles

Elegance screens from Agriframe
  • Contemporary trellises are often re-enforced with metal panels fitted inside a wooden frame, creating a strong yet attractive trellis for climbing plants. The metal panels can be fretwork, making your trellis beautiful whether it’s bare or plant-covered.


  • More traditional trellises have finials on their posts and plenty of detail around their edges. As shown in the image.


From Greenfingers
  • Rustic trellises are often made from branches and twigs bringing unique, rustic charm to your garden.


  • An expanding trellis is especially useful and versatile if you’re looking to add height or interest to your existing fencing or a wall, without having to measure exactly – simply pull it to the height or width you require. Alternatively, screw it to the face of a wall for creepers to grow up.


How to successfully incorporate trellis screening


From Garden Trading
  • You can use a trellis to help screen unsightly areas of the garden, such as play areas and veggie plots.


  • Trellises can also be used simply to create interest. If you can’t see a garden in one go, it becomes instantly more intriguing as to what lies around the corner.


  • From Waitrose Garden

    Slightly screening an area, especially in small gardens, can actually make them look larger, especially if the trellis is well

    From Greenfingers


  • Linking several decorative panels together behind plants creates height and support but it also enables you to divide areas of the garden without blocking off the view entirely. Elegance screens from Agriframe provide a simpler design.


From Greenfingers


  • Consider fitting small trellis panels onto the top offence panels. This gives additional screening from your neighbours whilst not reducing light levels.


  • Arbour from Greenfingers

    Enclosed seating areas can be beautified with trellises placed on the sides, and enhancing them further with a pergola structure above. Equally, you can use a trellis to turn an arch into an arbour by using it for the back and sides and then placing a bench inside (see photo).

    From Greenfingers




  • Illusion trellis panels (or trompe l’oeil as the French call it!) are fantastic for creating false perspectives and interest, especially when combined with a garden mirror.

Here are some more options

Spicing up your garden trellis

Painting your trellis adds a whole new dimension. But two words of advice: it’s much easier to paint it before you put it up; and using a paint sprayer is quick and provides a nice even coating.

Glass panels attached to your trellis provide a solid structure that lets light in with the trellis sections enabling you to see through the sections.


But don’t contemplate buying trellis until…

You’ve designed your garden! Without a proper design layout in place first, you’ll never create a great looking garden, no matter how much you spend on garden features…

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