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Are you struggling to create a gorgeous garden?

If like most people, you've tried buying beautiful plants and features and your garden still doesn't look good, then this online fast track garden design class will guide you through a simple design formula that works in any garden...

The step-by-step formula Rachel will teach you during the web class shows you exactly what you'll need to do to transform any dull and boring garden in to a gorgeous one!

Here's what's covered in the web classes...

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Option 1: The LONG garden fast track design class

If your garden is longer than it is wide (see examples below) choose the LONG garden web class

Option 2: WIDE, SQUARE & AWKWARD shape garden design class

If your garden is WIDE, SQUARE or AWKWARD shaped (see examples) choose the web class below

What if you're not sure what shape your garden is?

If you're not completely sure of your garden shape, then pick the Wide, Square and Awkward shape garden web class as that covers the most.