This week we take a look at Fast-Track Garden Design Formula Course student, Jude’s garden.

The transformation blew me away, Jude has done a great job! Here’s how it looked pre-transformation…

So over to Jude to tell you about the garden…

Before I started the course I had made the mistake of planning one part of my garden and I had no idea how to link it with the rest.  In addition to this, the garden wraps around our home which made it even more daunting!


It was an unloved garden which we had moved to the year before – the first year was spent taking out massive conifers and an overgrown laurel hedge (inside the conifer boundary). The conifers dominated the small amount of space we did have (it’s not a massive garden!) and took out masses of light.
Your course gave me the confidence to get started and your philosophy of looking at the space first made all the difference to me. I wanted soft curves and no straight lines as the house is an older-styled 70’s building plus I wanted it to be wildlife friendly but without the benefit of your courses I really did not know where to even start.


8 months after your course and I  have just finished doing the hard part with some help from our handyman gardener/friend (all the hard landscaping). I am mostly planted up now, the turf went down 2 weeks ago and I just need to get some more evergreens in place for year-round interest and form.
There are a few more bits planned – wild meadow turf or woodland planting around the side of the house alongside a little wildlife-friendly water feature/pond, but I am almost there!
I have attached a few photos of my plan, the original garden as it was when I started and the end result. I know that there will probably be things that you would have done differently but I am very pleased with the results…so much so that I am now considering tackling my front garden!


Once again thank you – without your courses I would never have had the courage or conviction to design it myself.
Well done, Jude. You’ve done a fantastic job with your garden. It’s a garden any professional garden designer would be proud of so I’m glad you’re pleased with what you’ve done, so you should be! I look forward to seeing how the front garden turns out when you tackle it :o)

If you’d like to do the same garden design course that Jude did, take a look at the Fast-Track Garden Design Formula Course.
Or you can sign up for one of our free garden design web classes to get a taster of what is taught in the full course.







Rachel Mathews
Rachel Mathews

Professional international garden designer for over 30 years. My mission is to de-mystify garden design and make it easy for people to successfully design their own garden - without needing to spend a fortune!

    6 replies to "Jude’s Wraparound Garden – Fast-Track Design Formula Student Results"

    • Carol Brady

      Would love to comment on Jude’s garden but I am not on Facebook.

      This is what I wrote:
      Congratulations, Jude! Your garden is beautiful!!! You have done an amazing transformation job!
      It would be great to see the garden design plan and more pictures as it progresses.

    • Jacinta

      Hi Rachel,
      How much are your online classes?

      And how much did it cost June to complete her garden makeover? Cost is a big factor to most people even when doing their garden themselves.

    • Yvette

      Well done Jude! This is so inspiring and absolutely beautiful! If you still have the sketches/design plans of your ideas, it would be great to see those too if you’re willing to share. Honestly, this is a really lovely garden!


      Congratulations Jude – job well done! Bet the neighbours also have more light now all those trees have gone.

    • Deryck Walker

      Congratulations! complete transformation – looks fantastic

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