Done For You Garden Planning Service


RachelMathewsIf you would prefer to have your garden designed for you I also offer a worldwide postal garden design service. It’s at a reduced price (nearly half) from the in person design service I do over at ORIGIN garden design because you provide the garden photographs and measurements so, it saves time not traveling and surveying.

I can design any size, shape or style of garden to suit your tastes and property style and location. I’ve been designing gardens internationally for the last 20 years. My speciality is designing small, modern gardens but I tailor the designs to suit your tastes and style, not mine! I have lots of experience designing traditional, formal, natural, exotic and urban gardens. The choice of style is yours, though I can help guide you if you’re not sure what style suits your property and needs.


Client Experience – Level 1 Design Service – (Emailed Plan)

“While I liked to think that I could knock out a courtyard design myself, I have realised over the years what a difference a true professional can make. I contacted Rachel from the website and had her redesign my courtyard. We emailed back and forth and then she sent me a video of her proposed layout and ideas. I am totally impressed with the finished design, and there is no doubt I could never have done it without her expertise, imagination and flair.”

Jeanette – California, USA

UPDATE: “Hi Rachel

Hope this is still your email address!!!

Well 9 months after the design we have had the courtyard done – we are absolutely thrilled with it 🙂 Understatement of the year !!!

Kind Regards

Jeanette Lloyd-Stern”

EVERY garden can benefit from a good design, no matter how small it might be. Getting the right design in place BEFORE you add the plants and features is CRITICAL to success. Without a good design structure in place (the shapes of your lawn, patio or deck areas) it won’t matter how nice the plants you choose are, your garden will never look as good as you hope without a good design.


Client Experience – Postal Garden Design Service – (Level 2 posted design layout plan, with colour upgrade, no planting plan)

Having recently moved to a new property with a large garden (long and narrow) I was at a loss at where to start to get the garden to a reasonable state, let alone a garden I could be proud of.  It’s probably worth mentioning here that I am not the green fingered type but I knew my garden had the potential to be something special, I just had no idea where to start and what would work well. 

The service offered by Successful Garden Design Company was both professional and friendly. Rachel (the designer) asked lots of questions – favourite colours, how the garden will be used, and what features I liked – to get a good feel of the type of garden that would work well for me.  With two school aged children I imagined a garden that was family friendly (no sharp edges) but also funky and modern, with an area for entertaining and a separate area that the kids could call their own.   My biggest problem was a small budget and the lack of, well, gardening experience.  I needn’t have worried as that was all taken into consideration with the garden design!  

The design itself completely blew me away… simple things like painting the shed a vibrant colour, adding curves to the lawn and a curved decking area with steps leading to a BBQ area, adding features to certain points in the garden to draw the eye and make the garden look wider, a short rendered wall, and to top it all off an area for the children which I am quite jealous of.  You really will have to see it to believe it and I am happy for Rachel to let you know my budget!  All in all it was a very positive, educational and exciting experience and I cannot wait until it is completed!

Sam Martin, London, UK


What’s Included

  • Garden Design Plan to your individual requirements x 3 copies posted anywhere worldwide (except for Level 1 service where the plan is emailed)
  • Video talking you through the design, which is great for those that find reading plans difficult
  • Sketches of how the finished garden will look which also helps you to visualise the finished garden
  • Materials guide of recommended material types, so you can choose the right ones or show to the landscaper
  • Colour Planting Schedule (only for level 3 & 4 design services that include the planting plan)


How it Works

  1. Send me an email with approximate dimensions of your garden and some photos and I’ll send you a quote.
  2. When you’ve accepted the quote, a 50% deposit via Paypal is charged prior to work starting. I’ll then send you a questionnaire to fill in so you can list all the things you do and don’t want in your garden.  Included is a link to an online garden ideas gallery to help you narrow down the type of garden style you’d like. You’ll also be sent a link to the instructions on how to provide the right photographs and measurements of your garden.
  3. Then we’ll arrange a time to discuss your garden either by phone or Skype. Once the design is started I aim to get a concept plan back to you to review within 2 weeks.
  4. After you have looked over the concept plan and given feedback, I will then draw up the design and produce a scale plan that the garden can be constructed from.
  5. When the plan is finished I will invoice you for the remaining 50% and as soon as the final payment is received the plans will be posted to you 1st class.

How Long Does it Take?

I aim to get plans done in 2-3 weeks, but during peak times (Spring & Autumn) please allow 4-5 weeks. I’m happy to design gardens for overseas clients as well as UK based.

How Much Does it Cost?

Price will vary depending on the complexity of the design and which level of design service you choose. The chart below gives you a guideline of the costs involved.


The LEVEL 4 – Super Deluxe service is for those wanting a contemporary garden that’s truly unique and ‘different’, that involves a lot more design time (like the example photo at the top of this page). Includes Garden Design Layout plan posted, with smaller colour version, additional sketches and a planting plan.

LEVEL 5 – For my ‘in person’ garden design service, please see: ORIGIN garden design website

Client Experience – Level 3 Design Service – (Plan posted, includes planting plan)

Rachel offers a very professional personal service. Nothing is too much trouble, she always replies to any questions or queries in a very timely manor. making sure that her clients are entirely happy with her designs and offering loads of help and advise.

We would definately recommend Rachel.

We are highly delighted with the design you have created.

Thank You Rachel.”

Dawn Thompson – Yorkshire, UK

Click here to see examples of each level of design service


What Do You Need to Do?

You will need to provide me with an accurate scale plan or measurements to work from. If you have the tiny survey drawing that usually comes when you purchase a house, that’s a great start and with a few extra measurements that’s normally enough. If you happen to have an architect’s plan of the house, showing the location of all the doors and windows, that’s even better!

I’ll also need some photographs of the garden taken from each end and from which ever windows you look out from the most. If you’d like to know more about what’s involved with surveying and photographing your garden, take a sneak peek at the garden survey instructions page.

What to Do Next

Send Rachel an email with a brief description of what you’d like done, photographs and approximate size of your garden and she’ll get back to you with a quote.

Click here to see examples of each level of design service