It’s that time of year again! Christmas is nearly here and you might well be getting a little twitchy at the thought of all those gifts as yet unbought…

Are there garden enthusiasts, pet lovers or outdoorsy types among your family and friends? If so, these stunning gifts are sure to put smiles on their faces:

Twinkling lights fantastic


This sun adds fun and sparkle both at Christmas and during the rest of the year.

Hang it inside or outside without impacting your electricity bill – it’s powered by 3 AA batteries to power 12 warm light LED bulbs. The 6 hours on, 18 hours off timer switch means all you need to do is enjoy it for a month at a time before adding new batteries.




Cornbury Votive

Candles always make great gifts, especially for those who love to entertain in a traditional way. The vintage-style wire handle and ribbed glass are ideal for dressing the table for both casual and smarter occasions.

These lanterns won’t break the bank but whoever unwraps them is likely to be very nicely surprised – pop in fun, coloured candles or some sleek white ones for a little more formality.

A word of warning: before you get ideas of hanging them from the trees, the makers don’t recommend this due to the weight of the glass.

For animals and animal lovers


A stylish alternative to brightly coloured plastic dishes, this double feeder is likely to please beloved pooches and their owners…

The raw granite base is not only modern and attractive, it’s weighty enough to avoid even the most enthusiastic of eaters spilling their food across the floor.

The water and food don’t stray off either, making it a practical way to keep things tidy. Not that your pet will mind, but the stainless steel bowls also flip out to make them easy to fill and clean .  Available in sizes large and small.


Hedgehog House

A lovely, novel gift for all ages, as well as for our prickly friend, the garden hedgehog.

Hedgehogs won’t believe their luck when they come across this perfectly designed hedgehog house in the garden, ideal for hibernation. It’s safe and secure thanks to a small front door so foxes, dogs and cats can’t get in. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a female hedgehog with her adorable young ones inside.


Another great gift for all ages, this rather smart charcoal, pine and bamboo insect house is a stylish addition to gardens, patios or back yards.

As well as being a stylish decorative piece, the labyrinth of tiny tubes inside it are the perfect size for sheltering garden-friendly insects –  ladybirds and butterflies in particular.

This one comes with a handy hanging bracket so it’s easy to mount on the wall.

For gardening feet!


You might get a few puzzled looks when these get unwrapped on Christmas day!

Did you know that wet feet lose heat 25 times faster than dry feet? While drying them out overnight in the air only dries 2% of moisture, Drysure boot dryers not only dry your boots out properly, they restrict the growth of dangerous bacteria and fungi.

Another advantage is they don’t need plugging in to any power supply at all!


Water Lily Recycled Cotton Socks

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a new pair of socks! But why not make it an environmentally-friendly occasion and treat their feet to these, made from recycled cotton yarn.

They come in a soothing mix of cool blues and soft greens, with a subtle hint of a pale pink to brighten up any day. Also available in raspberry with shades of cool blue and purple.


Fun and games

4 In A Row Giant Garden Game

Another favourite at Christmas! Why not get the kids and kids at heart outside to enjoy some fresh air on Christmas Day? And, of course, you can always bring it indoors if the weather gets too chilly.

This “Connect Four” style game will have them yelling with joy when they finally get four discs in a row against their opponent!

If you’re going camping or to the park, the game captivates all ages (from 3 years ) during quieter moments. There are lots more garden-friendly games to choose from.

 ….or how about a gazebo?


Rowlinson Gainsborough Gazebo

Chances are whoever you give this to won’t have ever received a gazebo for Christmas before! But let’s face it, you can’t always rely on the weather being sunny at Christmas unless you live in the Antipodes.

Whether you fancy cooking on the barbecue on the 25th or simply want to enjoy year-round barbies, rain or shine, this attractive timber gazebo will have you and the barbecue nicely sheltered from the elements.

And of course let’s not forget…

Rachel’s garden design courses could make the perfect Christmas gift to someone special…

Looking for something hot for Christmas?

Then take a look at last week’s article on designer garden fires!



Tina Andlaw
Tina Andlaw

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