Great garden design isn’t just about planning and planting. It’s also about how you make your outdoor living space a beautiful and relaxing place to be.

We think it would be a great shame to miss out on your patio or garden when the weather turns chilly. So I have called in Tina Andlaw, home and garden stylist extraordinaire, to give us a few design tips on how to stay warm and stylish while enjoying the garden with a fantastic selection of patio fires.

Warm and WOW with outdoor fires!

Rachel talks about the WOW factor in your garden design, but is there just as much WOW in your garden furniture and accessories? I’m here to help you with umpteen ideas on how to make it all come together.

So let’s start with keeping warm…

Truth be told, summer or winter, the weather can get nippy. Patio fires are perfect for those chilly days and nights when you don’t want to stay cooped up inside.

Apart from being warm, a patio chimney or fire often makes a design statement and is a great talking point when friends or family come round, They’ll love huddling around it al fresco with a warm cuppa or a glass of mulled wine in hand.

Need some sparks of inspiration? Here are some of my favourites:

Rustic and traditional patio fires

I think you’ll agree that the cured, clay Gardeco Sempra Chimenea brings a wonderfully rustic mood your patio or garden.

Its sandy coloured, sleek, belly furnace effortlessly supported on a strong, black metal stand goes well with smart teak or wrought iron garden furniture.

This Chimenea is exceptionally resistant to fire cracking and doesn’t require any curing.

And the best news is you won’t even have to get your screwdriver out – it says “no assembly required”!

Contemporary flair fires

Looking for something a bit less rustic, shorter, wider, yet similar to the Gardeco Sempra Chimenea?

Introducing the stylish, contemporary Gardeco Ellipse Mex Chimenea. Simple and elegant, it’s large “mouth” means you can really see the flickering flames and feel the heat while the fire burns.

As well as being a gorgeous designer piece, it’s versatile too: this one has a bio-ethanol burner for indoor use so you can cosy up inside or out.

It comes in a range of colours from Dusty Rose (pictured), Matt Mottled Grey, Matt Dark Brown, Charcoal Grey (pictured), Beige.

The elegant Enamel Green Gardeco Cassion Fire Bowl had me thinking the Martians had landed but it’s actually a very easy and cost-effective way to heat outdoor spaces while adding a touch of the ambience we all love from this type of fire.

Build your log fire inside the robust, enamel coated steel bowl and a mesh protects you from the sparks – a lovely, relaxed and down-to-earth way to gaze at flames flickering at night.

The enamel not only looks unique, it helps protect the fire bowl from rust. If green is not your colour, there’s also an ivory version.

My next choice is the Gardeco Jarrona Chimenea – Ombre, handmade and painted in Mexico.

The contemporary vase shape and artistic finish could make that quirky design statement you were looking for – take a look here for more designs in the same range.

Sleek and stylish outdoor fires

I love this conical, rocket-like creation. It’s sure to bring style as well as heat to your patio or garden.

The open mesh around the La Hacienda Mesh Colorado Chiminea’s structure radiates heat so that everyone gets to enjoy the glowing fire. Another great feature is you won’t be constantly choking because the flume keeps the smoke blowing upwards – especially true if you choose the 160 cm high version.

Made from heavy black steel, this heater makes the perfect garden accessory: it won’t blow away or rust. In fact, it should last for years.


La Hacienda Kimera Steel Contemporary Chiminea makes a stunning focal point for contemporary patios, particularly if you favour an industrial look.

This Chiminea is also versatile in that you can install it inside or out; however, due to its weight and installation needs, it’s not one you’ll want to just pick up and move around!

There’s also a narrower version  available (see image at the top of this page)..

If you’d like a fire in the garden that’s not a bonfire, the Foscot Fire Pit really has that WOW factor.

Well placed at a garden party, it’s sure to provide a lovely focal point that your guests will be drawn to.

Design the Fire Pit is very simple: heavy gauge raw steel with four short legs and two handles.

Just load it up with logs and gather round the fire as you watch the sun set or the stars twinkling – nothing could be more idyllic!


The Royal Fire Rattan and Fibreglass Square Gas Firepit brings an unusual blaze to your patio or garden. Stylish, modern rattan furniture is very popular in the garden and the gas burning fire pit creates a great focal point.

This fire looks great whether its in use or not and the table-like edge makes it functional; after all, you need somewhere to rest your drink.

It’s made from fire-resistant fibreglass that’s heat absorbent for maximum safety. And it comes with a good protective cover so you won’t need to bring it inside in bad weather.

Fun and funky patio fires!

My final three choices go from one extreme to the other price wise. A stunning La Hacienda Dragon Fire Globe is sheer fire-loving indulgence and my priciest pick by far.

It’s made from heavy gauge 6mm oxidised steel and is 73cm tall, complete with a sturdy cast iron stand.

If fire breathing dragons are not your thing, there’s also a horse version as well as the Africa scene featured at the top of this page.

If your budget doesn’t really stretch to these amazing works of art, then the La Hacienda Globe Enameled Orange Firepit is a lovely, cost effective option and it even comes with a grill, giving it a dual purpose.

This Globe is also available in bright green or red. For something less vivid, take a look at the stunning bronze enamel version.

No, it’s not a modern wash basin, the La Hacienda Ochiba Oxidised Firepit With Stand  is a wonderful, warming fire that can take centre stage.

Made from cast iron and steel,  is quite unique. If you are hard up for space, the attractive log storage section below the fire is both attractive and practical.

More Garden Fires

But don’t place a single fire accessory in your garden until…

You’ve designed your garden! With a proper design in place, you will be in a position to select the right features to complement your garden or patio to its greatest potential.

If you need help with designing your garden, make sure you attend one of Rachel’s FREE fast-track garden design web classes – Register here.



Tina Andlaw
Tina Andlaw

I'm a home and garden stylist, and trained with Anne Maurice, Channel 5’s House Doctor. I love to transform homes and gardens without spending a fortune. It often doesn't matter what you have, it's how you place it! Get in touch with me via my Facebook page for more tips & advice.

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