One of the keys to having your garden look great is down to how you divide up the space within it. I find the well-worn phrase of ‘garden rooms’ really annoying (don’t know why I just do), so I’m going to try to explain what I mean about dividing the space in your garden, without using the ‘r’ word. We’ll see how I get on.

Hidden-GardenDifferent shape gardens need different space divisions. For today, I’ll concentrate on long, narrow, and rectangular shape gardens, as that’s what the vast majority of people tend to have.

We’ll look at what to do with wide and awkward shape gardens in future blog posts. The main principles though, do apply to all gardens.

Why divide your garden up at all?

The short answer: to make it look more interesting.

The slightly longer answer: when we can’t quite see everything in one go, it creates an illusion of space, size and creates intrigue. What is around the corner?

Now, to be clear, you do not have to have solid divisions, like a fence or wall to divide space in your garden. It can be really subtle. For instance, the shape of the plant border jutting out in carefully selected locations, that slightly obscures certain parts of your garden from view, yet allows tantalising glimpses that make you want to see more.

So, basically, you need your garden to be a bit of a tease.  Flaunt the best bits, with the promise of something more just slightly hidden around the next corner or bush…

To do this all comes down to how you divide up space and what shapes you use in each section of the garden.

Subtle use of space division from patio and planting border shapes
Really subtle space divisions from the patio and planting border shapes

What else do you need to do?

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Rachel Mathews
Rachel Mathews

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